Local Yokel Auctions is Like All Other Auctions with One Big Exception: We Share Our Listing Fees

In today’s marketplace, on-line auctions are replacing everything from garage sales to department stores. The on-line auction industry has revolutionized the way people buy and sell. Local Yokel, Inc. is a breath of fresh air.

Boise, ID – Now you can get a piece of the action. A new company, Local Yokel Auctions.com, is a breath of fresh air. It’s like other on-line auctions, with one major exception: Local Yokel allows its members to share in the transaction fees. That’s right. Local Yokel shares a portion of its transaction fees with its referring members and with the people they invite to join the Local Yokel Auction site.

It doesn’t matter whether they’re buyers or sellers; the referring member gets paid on the activities of everyone that they have referred to the Local Yokel Auction site. This revolutionary fee-sharing program offers virtually unlimited earning potential. It is new and unlike any other online auction affiliate program.

How It Works:
Unlike other online auctions, Local Yokel, Inc. unique Referral Program pays a portion of its listing and settlement fees through 10 full levels of referrals. 10 levels is huge! Fee commissions are paid on 25% of all on-line auction listing and settlement fees. Local Yokel Auctions fees are very competitive and lower than most online auctions.

In summary, the Referral Program is a 10-level, Fee-sharing Program. The Company pays 25% of its auction fees to those who refer buyers and sellers to Local Yokel Auctions.

Mark Witt, President of Local Yokel, Inc was recently quoted, “As our on-line community grows, so will the commissions. They’ll be paid to somebody – it might as well be you.”

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