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2001 Ford Taurus NASCAR Super Speedway Racecar for Monterey Auction

Monterey, CA. – Russo and Steele’s ‘Sports and Muscle in Monterey’ auction event is an experience unattainable at any other auction event. It presents a range of the most luxurious and collectable European sports, American muscle, Hot rods and custom automobiles, but will also provide every enthusiast a unique and memorable event. Russo and Steele Monterey’s collection of automobiles has never been better.
The auction event will be held August 14th-16th at the Marriott Hotel in historic downtown Monterey. It will present a diverse range of highly collectable marquees and models suitable to satisfy any automotive desires.
It’s not often that a former NASCAR car comes to market, but even less common is it that one with a unique tie to America’s first racing scene goes across the auction block. Russo and Steele Monterey offers all that and more with the 2001 Ford Taurus NASCAR Super Speedway Racecar that is schedule to cross the block this August 14th-16th.
The lot featured here ties together the history of racing with the modern era in NASCAR more than any other known example. Once an ex-Jimmy Spencer K-Mart sponsored car built to NASCAR Super Speedway specification to compete on the high-speed ovals of Daytona and Talladega for the 2001 season, the story takes a sharp turn in the car’s “retirement”. On July 3, 2006, a new World Stock Car Speed Record was set in a NASCAR-spec Ford Taurus of 222.623 miles-per-hour at Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats. The previous milestone of 216.946 mph was set in September 1971 by legendary NASCAR Champion Bobby Isaac in his winged Dodge Charger Daytona. Not only was the event notable in its own right, it also made the current owner the only living person to have set official speed records of over 200 mph on land and water, as he holds the mile record for prop-driven boats of 205.494 mph. Along with running it under all current NASCAR Cup specifications, the current owner also drove the vehicle in a non-spec NASCAR configuration and made a 237 mph one-way pass through the measured mile.

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