Aesthetics in the Samurai Family Auction

The auction includes approximately 300 items, including the breastplate from the late Muromachi period, armor, helmets, swords, sword fittings (swordguards, decorative hilts and pommels owned and used by Masanori Fukushima, saddles decorated with gold lacquer and mother-of-pearl, and traditional Japanese matchlock rifles.

Dates and Times: from Friday, October 17, through Sunday, October 19, from 10am through 5pm

Venue: Kohdai Temple and Entokuin Temple, 526 Shimokawara-machi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi

About Kogire-kai
Kogire-kai has been hosting auctions of art pieces and antiquities in Kyoto since 1993.
We plan and run art auction and perform sales on contract basis. We have a rental gallery, and regularly hold auction previews at the Kita-Kamakura Museum of Art and the Shokoku Gallery.

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