Murray & Co Chennai Auctioneers

Murray & Co Auctionners are auctioneers to the government, The high court and other courts, Public and private enterprises, Insurance ompanies, Banks and nidhi companies, Industrial Disposal Auctions, Auctions of Furniture and Auctions, Insurance Company auctionee.This department handles the valuation and sale of plant & machinery, vehicles, unclaimed/unclear air & surface transport cargo, process / maintenance scrap, unused spares & stock, office equipments.

Auctions are conducted every aturday & Sunday at the Auction Hall for sale by auction of furniture, household goods, residential and office equipments, ntique furniture, reproductions, bronzes, porcelains, glassware, paintings Ect.

Auction and tender sales of movables and mmovable property such as hypothecated and pledged machines, stock, jewellery and mortgaged land and building, under the rders of the Courts & The Debt Recovery Tribunals.

Murrays regularly carries out valuation and disposal, by auction and tender sales, of used machines and vehicles, industrial process and maintenance scrap, unused spares and stock, unclaimed cargo, office equipment, furniture, household appliances, handicrafts, curios.Murrays has three departments, which handle pecific sales Industrial Disposal Department, Furniture & Curios Department and Property Department.

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