Belcourt Castle, Newport, Rhode Island Auction

Belcourt Castle, one of the great estates in Newport, Rhode Island, is clearing out the stables, attics, and grounds in order to refine their many collections and to prepare for property and program improvements. For more than a month, LLD Specialty Sales has been sorting through a veritable mountain of treats and treasures, and on the weekend November 7 and 8, 2008, all these goodies will all be offered to the public in the most exciting tag sale of the year.

The fascinating finds offered for sale come from many of the famous but long lost Newport Cottages such as Chetwode and Villa Rosa, as well as other important Rhode Island buildings. It’s an “upstairs/downstairs” inventory of items that includes everything from a 10 burner Garland stove, plain to fancy tables and chairs, and quantities of household oddities all the way to fabulous architectural elements, artwork, lighting, furniture, fabrics, and other exciting finds.

The sale will be held in the stable yards of Belcourt Castle, one of the most famous of Newport’s summer cottages. Built in 1894 by Oliver Hazard Perry Belmont, Belcourt was originally designed as a stable and bachelor’s hideaway. But then Oliver met Alva, the titleholder to Marble House—and also the wife of William K. Vanderbilt—and after a scandalous summer season, the new Mrs. Belmont moved down Bellevue Avenue and redesigned the interior of Belcourt Castle more to the liking of a lady.

The Castle, filled with the history, ghosts and artifacts of the Newport Gilded Age fell on hard times in the mid-20th Century. In 1960 the property was purchased by Donald and Mrs.Tinney, artists and entrepreneurs, who rescued the not just Belcourt Castle but also began to save and salvage many important elements and artifacts from other grand houses that were being demolished in the name of progress.

For more than 40 years the Tinney family and their not-for-profit Royal Arts Foundation accumulated architectural elements and household artifacts from famous Newport estates such as Chetwode, Prestwold, Villa Rosa, and Beacon Hill. Their efforts were monumental, and they filled the grounds, stables, and attics of Belcourt Castle with massive columns and carved stone; sculpture, urns and statuary; stained glass windows, paneling, and furniture; paintings, musical instruments, lighting, and much more.

The time has now come to sort through it all, refine the collections, and offer much of this treasure to all the wonderful people who have supported Belcourt Castle for so many years. The Great Belcourt Castle tag sale will begin at 8:00 AM on Friday, November 5, and entry to the sale will be by numbered tickets only.

Along with the Tag Sale a group of selected items will be offered through a Silent Auction that will run on the Internet at The auction bidding will begin on Sunday, November 2nd and will close on Tuesday, Nov. 11. Buyers at the Tag Sale can preview the auction items and also place bids via computer if they wish.

Tickets for the Tag Sale are available only at the LLDSS website. Early Buyer tickets are $50 each, and holders of these tickets will receive special perks and enter the sale at 8 am, Nov 7. General Admission tickets are $10 and allow for entry at 9am the first day of the sale.

You can read more about the Early Buyer and General Admission tickets on the LLDSS website, and while there you can also browse the photo gallery, register for sale updates, read the rules of the sales, and learn about the Silent Auction that runs in conjunction with the Tag Sale.

For sale/rules information contact LLD Specialty Sales at 800 508-0022 or at [email protected]

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