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Stuart R. Kaplan Collection for Swann Auction

Swann Galleries of New York is presenting a Fine Books auction on April 2, 2009 features a variety of Early Printing, Judaica, Art, Press, and Illustrated Books, and Works On Cards & The Occult from the Collection of Stuart R. Kaplan.

Highlights include rare manuscripts and first edition books relating to playing cards and tarot:

LOT 16: Les Cartes a Jouer du XIVe au XXe Siecle: A two-volume, first edition (1906)of an encyclopedic history of playing cards with lavish illustrations in full color.
LOT 17: First edition (1770) of Jean-Baptiste Alliette’s first book, a treatise on divination with regular playing cards
LOT 18: Group of 7 works by Alliette from the 1780s
LOT 19: First edition of the final volume of Aretino’s dialogues concerning card games and tarot, 1589re
LOT 20: First edition (1572) treatise on games with reference to tarocchi
LOT 21: 1526 poem on Italian card game primiera, old vellum loose binding
LOT 22: 47 engraved plates and maps concerning mythology and esoteric language, and ancient origins of tarot (1787) Pages 365-410 in Volume 8 includes the famous “Du Jeudes Tarot” detailing the ancient Egyptian origins of tarot.
LOT 23: First edition of Moonchild, a 1929 novel by Aleister Crowley
LOT 26: Handwritten notebook, containing over 180 leaves, with original transcribed text from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, circa 1890s.
LOT 29: Group of 8 first-edition volumes signed by famous fortuneteller LeNormand (published 1814-1831)
LOT 33: Three 1782 volumes by Saint-Martin on the occult philosophy of the Major Arcana
LOT 34: 19th century manuscript The Art of Divination by Cards: A Complete Revelation of Destiny by Means of Cards & Tarot

Auction info

Date: April 2, 2009
Time: 10:30 AM
Exhibition: Sat., March 28, 10-4
Mon., March 30, 10-6
Tues., March 31, 10-6
Wed., Apr. 1, 10-6