DVLA Number Plates Auction Shows Upturn

The second auction of DVLA number plates in 2009 has just ended and results are hinting that there may be some cause for celebration. Not only was the total raised up from £3.3 million at January’s auction to £3.65 million but this follows the increase from £3.1 million for the last sale of 2008. Another significant result is the number of plates unsold which was a vey low 194 compared with 271 at January’s sale and 300 at the last sale of 2008. It may be that this a hint of “ green shoots of recovery” as personalised number plates are a luxury item that everyone can do without when money is tight.

Top earner for the agency was 1 D which brought an amazing £285,000 on the hammer followed by 2 O which achieved £115,00 ( 1 O brought £170,00 at the last sale ). The next highest numbers were surprises with HU57 LER bringing £30,000 and 11 MRN £20,400. Top “name” plate was G80 RGE ( George ) at £13,100 closely followed by LUC 1Y at £11,500.

Some bargains were to be had with LAC 3S ( Laces ), TOA 5E ( Toase ) only bringing £400 and NEN 3H only £450. Also considered bargains could be THO 11G ( Thong ) and SWE 33P ( Sweep ) at £550 and £650 respectiveley.

The next auction is scheduled for the 3rd, 4th and 4th of June at Wychwood Park, Weston Crewe, Cheshire.