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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information


hitler-painting.jpg(MATTHEWS. N.C.) – A rare, original watercolor painting by Adolf Hitler, signed and dated 1912, when the former German leader was living in Austria, will be sold in an online auction ending May 30-31 by The still life rendering of a vase with flowers was done on period rag paper and measures 9-5/8 inches by 11-1/2 inches. It’s signed “A. Hitler” in the lower right hand corner.

“This is a one-of-a-kind painting rarely offered to the public, and would be a centerpiece to any collection,” said Chris Roberts of But he added the Hitler painting is just one of over 1,000 quality lots being offered in a wide array of categories, to include hunting and fishing, firearms and militaria, ammunition, general store items and even a 50-year Samurai sword and armor collection.

“Things you would normally never even get a chance to see, let alone own, are packed into this auction,” Mr. Roberts said. “We have some of the rarest ammo boxes out there. The Samurai swords and armor are simply spectacular. Many items are extremely rare and carry historical significance. I can’t stress enough how high-end many of these lots are. And I expect they’ll fetch nice high prices.”

One of the anticipated top lots is going to look very much like a top lot in’s last online auction, which ended March 21-22. It is a rare Winchester mobile-style three-panel triangle die-cut, similar to (but a different variation from) one that fetched $13,068 in March. Patented in Feb. 1909 by John Ingelstroem Co., the panels show a canvasback duck, a brown bear and a squirrel in a tree.

winchester-die-cut.jpg“This is an extremely hard-to-find Winchester item, with the original string still attached,” Mr. Roberts said. “You would be hard pressed to find a more unique Winchester die-cut anywhere. The similar one sold in our last auction was one of several known examples, but there are no examples of this piece known that we’re aware of.” The brightly colored die-cut measures 15 inches by 21 inches.

Speaking of Winchester, an 1897 Winchester “Double W” bullet board (#1468), in near-mint original condition, will also be offered. The same piece sold in 2003 for over $25,000, while its mate sold out of the Winchester Museum barely a week later for just over $32,000. The gold inner frame on the one to be sold this month has some very small nicks, but these have been re-colored by a restorer.

One of the ultra-rare ammo boxes Mr. Roberts was referring to is a UMC “Club” 100-count, 20-gage partial Christmas box with marsh scene. The box consists of 94 original, primed 20-gage correct shells. All of them are in good and unused condition. An example of the very same box is shown in The Encyclopedia of Shotgun Shell Boxes (page 153), but the one to be sold is better than the one pictured.

One of the many Japanese Samurai swords is a World War II example, signed, with Imperial crest. The bright clean blade with straight temper line is 20-1/2 inches from tsuba to blade tip. It is signed with the mum of the emperor. The iron tsuba has seashell designs. Other features include gold overlay menuki in a tightly wrapped handle and a nice black lacquered wood scabbard with cloth tie.


Another Samurai sword certain to pique bidder interest is a Japanese Kaneshige Tanto, dated to August 1443. The sword, with a blade 11-1/2 inches long (18 inches overall), was made by Kaneshige, a resident of Seki, in Japan’s Mino Province. The blade is beautiful and bright, with straight temper line. It features a heavy gold overlay on iron tsuba and menuki, a black lacquered wood scabbard.

battle-armor.jpg Looking for a surefire conversation starter? How about an original Japanese Samurai warrior battle armor set, made between 1550-1615, from the Nubu-Iye clan? The museum-quality armor set is in fine condition for its age and features a beehive pattern in the cloth (characteristic of the Nubu-Iye, signifying a Samurai clan); a Rusk (Kabuto) helmet; Mempo face mask; horse stirrups; and fur boots. is one of the oldest Internet companies in the world. It was launched in 1990 as the brainchild of Ronnie Roberts, who started the firm as Dixie Sporting Collectibles. Mr. Roberts very shrewdly took note of the young company’s success with Internet sales and grew it into what it is today:, the premier hunting collectibles Internet auction site, with over 30,000 registered users.’s next big sale will go online in late August or early September. It will feature hunting and fishing collectibles, firearms, militaria and other collectibles. Consignments are still being accepted for this and future sales.

To consign an item, estate or collection, you may call them, at (704) 815-1500; or e-mail them at [email protected].

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