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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Woodbury Auction Week Draws Noted New York Designer Ellie Cullman

Inspired by Governor Jodi Rell’s Staycation concept of keep-it-in-Connecticut day-trips and vacations, a group of merchants and antiques dealers in Woodbury has tapped into the picturesque town’s vein of ‘antiques gold’ to come up with a collaborative village spree called Woodbury Auction Week.

From now until May 31, so-called “participating merchants” will offer bargains, discount coupons and an open-house-style welcome to visitors and residents alike in the historic town, often called the Antiques Capital of Connecticut.

Thomas Schwenke, a nationally noted Federal antiques dealer and expert, conceived the idea for the event while launching his new auction venture, Woodbury Auction LLC, which will host its first sale on May 30.

“We wanted to open with some pizzazz and realized this was something that could benefit the whole town,” Schwenke said. “People come to auctions from everywhere. They eat at local restaurants, buy postcards at pharmacies, book rooms at local inns. I thought, ‘Why not show them Woodbury at its best?'”

Schwenke invited long-time friend Ellie Cullman, a top New York designer and co-founder of the Manhattan firm of Cullman & Kravis, to be the first to review the furniture, art objects, and other antiques consigned to the auction from seven states.

Cullman, featured in the likes of Architectural Digest, Avenue and New York Home, is celebrated for her expertise and consultancy in decorating with fine antiques. She is also the co-author, with her colleague, designer/writer Tracey Winn Pruzan, of the recently released book, Decorating Master Class, a smart, practical and detailed tutorial on the artistry of interior design.

“The auction will be a terrific resource for me,” she said, “and it’s a great time to be in Connecticut. It’s also a chance for me to plumb Woodbury’s antiques shops for additional treasures my clients will love.”

“Having an auction house in Woodbury is a savvy move, in light of the proposed Antiques Trail,” she added, referring to Woodbury Auction’s well-timed opening coming just as the Connecticut Antiques Trail initiative awaits state approval. “Connecticut as a resource for fine antiques is legendary. And Woodbury is one of the best places in Connecticut for designers to shop for antiques.”

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