Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Remodel Auction(TM) Launches Proprietary Weatherization Bidding System

Remodel Auction, Inc. , in a bid of its own to be a leader in online home improvement pricing technology, announced today the launch of its proprietary bidding system for the Weatherization Program in North Carolina.

In compliance with state and federal ethics rules North Carolina does not endorse any specific contractor for the work. However, the state’s competitive bidding requirement could pave the way to success for Remodel Auction. The company’s system provides efficiency to the program by facilitating competitive bidding for the $131 million allocated by the state.

In February, 2009 President Obama, as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, approved $8 billion in funding for the Weatherization Assistance Program and the State Energy Program. According to the United States Department of Energy, these programs will put 87,000 Americans to work and save families hundreds of dollars per year in energy bills.

The weatherization program typically begins with an energy audit of the property including a specialized blower door being installed temporarily, to depressurize the house, pulling outside air into the house through the cracks. The technician uses specialized equipment to monitor and document the leaks that need to be sealed. Eric Wall, owner of Pro Energy Consultants of Charlotte, a leading energy audit company, states “Our audit business is increasing due to the program and we are excited about being part of the Remodel Auction provider network because it’s good for business.”

The Weatherization Program in North Carolina is managed by 30 community development organizations throughout the state that are funded from the Federal stimulus money through Raleigh, NC. The United States Department of Energy states, “The Department will release additional funding over time as states demonstrate that they are using the funding effectively and responsibly to create jobs and cut energy use.” Remodel Auction is strategically supporting this Federal objective by aggressively pursuing this market throughout the entire state, beginning with Gaston Community Action covering Mecklenburg, Gaston, Stanley, and Union County in North Carolina, as well as Isothermal Planning and Development Commission covering McDowell, Rutherford, Polk, and Cleveland County, also in North Carolina. Remodel Auction welcomes Whole House Certified “Energy Audit” and “Weatherization” Professionals to sign up at to participate in the program.

The Weatherization Assistance Program will allow an average investment of up to $4,000 per home in energy upgrades and will be available for families making up to 200% of the federal poverty level – or about $44,000 a year for a family of four. The funding will support Weatherization of homes, including adding more insulation, sealing leaks and modernizing heating and air conditioning equipment. Jeff Hoppe of Charlotte based ABS Insulation states, “We have 12 insulation trucks on the road serving a large metropolitan area of Mecklenburg and surrounding counties.” Remodel Auction expects as least 25,000 weatherization projects to be completed in NC from the program.

Remodel Auction(TM) is a proprietary online marketplace that empowers property owners to put their remodeling projects up for competitive bid. Remodel Auction has facilitated approximately 200 remodeling projects in Charlotte and Raleigh prior to launching the auction site. Founded in February 2005, Remodel Auction is a publicly traded Delaware corporation headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina that provides analysis and helps detect and manage pricing differences when planning a remodeling project. Remodel Auction puts actionable information into the hands of property owners who need it, when they need it, while planning common remodeling projects, such as weatherization, solar systems, window replacement, siding installation, and custom trim work. Remodel Auction’s proprietary technology is designed to help property owners gain competitive advantage when choosing the best cost versus value for their home improvements.