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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

One Of Georgia’s Most Historically Significant Properties To Be Sold

River Bluff, historically known as, “Old Agency Reserve,” contains approximately 450 acres on the Flint River and is one of the most important historical and recreational properties in the state of Georgia. Bidding starts Thursday, November 12, and it is to be immediately sold via sealed bid auction on November 19, 2009. Plantation Auction Group, LLC is offering this unique property and provides the premier format for auctioning plantations and high quality land.

River Bluff was originally founded in 1796 by Col. Benjamin Hawkins, one of George Washington’s chief advisors and member of the Continental Congress. Washington asked the Colonel to serve as a commissioner to reduce hostilities with settlers and to demonstrate agriculture and ranching techniques to the Native Americans. He gladly spent the rest of his life dedicated to this endeavor. He founded “Old Agency Reserve” of which River Bluff is near the center of, and what was once 10,000 acres of one of the first non-coastal plantations in Georgia. This was a role model property and a highly successful demonstration center for the Creek Nation. The Colonel’s private residence was on a bluff across the Flint and he is buried nearby.

River Bluff is one of the most beautiful, fertile, and geologically unique properties in Georgia. The property has the rare combination of being at the edge of both the Piedmont and Upper Coastal Plain. The result is the beauty found in north Georgia with the wildlife and fertility of SW Georgia. Today, the property contains two miles of one of the highest bluffs on the Flint River and is one of the leading recreational legacy properties today.

“This auction will provide a recreational investor an incredible buying opportunity. Not only is the hunting and fishing spectacular, but this property has real roots; there’s an incredible story,” said Jon Kohler of Plantation Auction Group, LLC.

Few know the market as well as Kohler. With sales of over $215,000,000 in this recent market, his sister firm, Jon Kohler & Associates, LLC, is the leading plantation brokerage. The firm recently closed a 1,600 acre quail plantation in Southwest Georgia for $7,800 per acre.

Nestled into the landscape on a bluff overlooking the river is a beautiful lodge included in this offering. With 185 year-old hand hewn beams, river recovered pecky cypress, heart pine floors, and Tennessee field stone, the components of this lodge, though assembled recently, truly have a history, as well. It is professionally decorated.

The River Bluff property is located about 30 miles WSW of Macon, Georgia.

“During economic periods like this,” adds Jon Kohler, “One thing that continues to hold true is that opportunities come at the most inconvenient of times. Someone out there will buy this property next week; a property that normally wouldn’t even be on the market.”

Plantation Auction Group, LLC has developed a unique auction program that has become the premier format for auctioning plantations and high quality land. Our proprietary sealed bid auction makes bidding on these unique and rare properties a very convenient, safe and professional process for sophisticated investors. To learn more about Plantation Auction Group, visit