Christies London Vintage Film Posters and Film Memorabilia Auction

This November the movies are coming to Christie’s South Kensington as a diverse selection of Vintage Film Posters and Film Memorabilia is offered encompassing all genres of cinema history from cult horror and sci-fi films to the icons of the silver screen. Including an extensive collection of vintage film posters, props, costumes, photographs and letters this sale is a must for all film buffs looking to pay homage to the greats of cinematic history.

An exceptionally rare artifact of stop-motion animation headlines the sale. Over seventy-five years on from the 1933 creation Christie’s South Kensington invites you to journey back and share in the spectacle that was King Kong as it presents the giant ape himself. This unique relic, the 22-inch armature (metal skeleton) (estimate: £100,000-150,000), was used to allow the animated ape to scale the dizzying heights of the Empire State Building in the films poignant and climactic final scenes and is believed to be the only armature of this size made for the film.

Moving on through the twentieth century a selection of the vintage film posters on offer looks to the 1950s with a choice of eye-catching feature film posters, such as the iconic Dracula of 1958 (estimate: £5,000-7,000) returning to terrify future generations or Reynold Brown’s striking artwork depicting the wealthy heiress Nancy Archer (Allison Hayes) who grew to the size of a giantess after an encounter with an enormous extra-terrestrial from the ’50s low budget yet classic, Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman (estimated at £2,500-3,500).

The memorabilia section of the sale offers the exceptional opportunity to indulge in a diverse collection of animation art. Boasting approximately forty lots including concept drawings and layout drawings from Disney classics such as Mickey Mouse (including The Mail Pilot, 1933 animation layout drawing, estimate: £4,000-6,000), Pinocchio, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland it’s a rare chance to witness one of the most varied selections of exceptional animation art to come to the market in recent years.

A unique glimpse into the distinctive world of the ‘master of suspense’, Sir Alfred Hitchcock, is also offered in the form of Albert Whitlock’s homage to Alfred Hitchcock/North by Northwest (estimate: £5,000-7,000) depicting Alfred Hitchcock on Mount Rushmore, with figures running along his forehead, alluding to the chase scenes of the film The painting was believed to have been a birthday present and was subsequently hung in Hitchcock’s Universal Studio’s office.

For fans of the inimitable James Bond, approximately twentyfive lots encompassing all things Bond will be on offer including a two piece suit worn by Roger Moore in the 1974 production of The Man with the Golden Gun (estimate: £3,000-5,000) as well as a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses made for Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace (estimate: £1,000-1,500). Continuing tohonour British stars of the silver screen the sale also offers a selection of approximately ten lots from the family of Denholm Elliott including personal items belonging to the prolific screen and stage actor alongside four BAFTAS awards (estimates range from £1,000 to £3,000. BAFTA award for Defence of the Realm in the category Best Supporting Actor, 1985, estimate: £1,500-2,500).

Screen sirens also feature in abundance as a selection of the properties of Greta Garbo and Marilyn Monroe are offered. Dubbed the American Film Institute’s fifth and sixth greatest female stars of all time respectively, the selection of lots include vintage photographs of the enigmatic Greta Garbo offered by the family (gelatin-silver portrait photograph of Greta Garbo as Mata Hari, estimate: £500-700) and the unforgettable Bernard of Hollywood image of ‘Marilyn in White’ (estimate: £5,000-7,000, illustrated right) which became known as the Museum of Modern Art’s ‘Symbol of the Century’ in 1999.