Moon Flag and Rare NASA Memorabilia for Auction

An American Flag carried to the moon on Apollo 12 astronauts Conrad, Gordon and Bean in Nov. 1969 will be auctioned with other NASA memorabilia owned by a former NASA employee at Jan. 23, 2010.

Apollo 12 Flag Carried to the Moon, 3″ x 6″ cloth flag, framed 8.25″ x 10.25,” 2.25″ x 3″ silver paper marker card “Apollo 12, November 1969, Charles Conrad Jr, Richard F. Gordon Jr, Alan J. Bean,” inscription “This flag was carried to the moon by the crew of Apollo 12, November 19, 1969, Ocean of Storms,” from a NASA employee.

Other interesting NASA items include:

Apollo 13 Astronauts Autographed Photograph, color 8″ x 10″ glossy official NASA photo signed by Jim Lovell, Jack Swaggert, Fred Haise, inscribed by Lovell “To Mike, Thanks for your assistance on a very difficult, challenging and interesting flight for all of us ! Hope you are profiting from working with NASA’s most talented group,” from a NASA employee

Apollo 11 NASA Photographs & Flight Plan – (11) NASA Official Photographs – 8×10 color, + MSC Flight Readiness Review, June 9, 1969, “Part 2 GFE Part 3, Command & Service Module,” “Manned Spacecraft Center Houston Texas,” 1/2 thick, stapled, from a NASA employee

NASA Science and Promotional Materials, 1) “Apollo 11 Needs More Velco” press release with attached plastic bag with Velcro strp marked “Memento Apollo 11 Space Shot;” 2) KSC 1st day Commemorative Stamp Card; 3) “Early Apollo Scientific Experiments Package” from Bendix Aerospace Systems, 24 pages; 4) “Apollo 10 Lunar Orbit with L/M” flight checklist, AC Electronics, “Summary Flight Plan;” 5) “In This Decade …Mission To The Moon,” NASA published booklet, 50 pages, color, 1969; 6) “Space: The New Frontier,” NASA published booklet, 98 pages, color, 1967, 7 “Man On The Moon,” NASA published booklet, 50 pages, color, 1969; 8 “Mission Report, Apollo 10,” June 17, 1969, NASA published booklet, 12 pages, color; 9) “Edition 1: LM Descent Monitoring Chart – Sheet 2,” “16 July 1969 Launch Date – Landing Site 2,” 11″ x 84,” b&w, from a NASA employee

Apollo 9 Transcripts and Photographs – “Apollo 9 Mission Commentary,” begins “3/3/69 GET 5200, CST 10:52a,” “52 minutes into the mission of Apollo 9,” 200+ pages, ends with successful touchdown, in “U.S. Government Messenger” manilla envelope + (31) NASA Official Photographs color 8 x 10, from a NASA employee

Apollo 8 Flight Plan, Press Kit and Photographs – “Flight Plan Vol. 1,” “Part No. SKB 32100030-201,” 1″ thick, in “U.S. Government Messenger” manilla envelope, + Press Kit, “For Release December 15, 1968,” dated 12/6/68, about 1″ thick, + (5) NASA Official 8×10 color photographs, from a NASA employee

Apollo 7 Mission Commentary & Press Kit – 1) “Apollo 7 Mission Commentary, October 11, 1968,” 100+ pages; 2) Blue AVCO Folder “Apollo 7 News,” incl. (4) b&w 8×10 photographs, (2) “Apollo Heat Shield” Press Releases; from a NASA employee

(10) NASA Official Photographs – 8×10 color, Gemini & Apollo, from a NASA employee

Male Space Shuttle Astronauts Autographed Pictures, NASA photos in Space Suits – Jay Apt, color 8×10; Daniel C. Burbank, color 8×10; Gerald P Carr, color 8×10; Christopher J. Ferguson, color 8×10; James Kelly, color 8×10; Steve W. Lindsey, color 8×10; (2) Soichi Noguci, color 8×10; Scott E Parazynski, color 8×10; Kent V. Rominger, color 8×10; Dr. Andrew S. W. Thomas, color 8×10; Rex J. Walheim, color 8×10; David A. Wolf, color 8×10; George D. Zamka, color 8×10; Richard Truly, (5) signed color pictures from magazine pages signed;

Female Space Shuttle Astronauts Autographed Pictures, NASA photos in Space Suits – (2) Heide Stefanyshyn-Piper, color 8×10; Julie Payette color 8×10; Eileen M. Collins, color 8×10; Linda M. Godwin, color 8×10; Wendy B. Lawrence, color 8×10; Stephanie D. Wilson, color 8×10;

Early Space Pioneers – John Glenn Jr, Astronaut & Senator; (2) color pictures from Magazine pages, (1) signed index cards, (1) color 8×10; John W. Young, Astronaut & Moon Walker, color 8×10; Eugene F Kranz, NASA Flight Director-Apollo 13, color 3 x 5;

4 Space Shuttle Crews Autographs STS-93 NASA Shuttle Crew, color 8×10, (5 crewmembers); STS-115 NASA Shuttle Crew, color 8×10, (6 crewmembers); STS-118 NASA Shuttle crew; color 8×10 (7 crewmembers); STS-121 NASA Shuttle crew; color 8×10 (7 crewmembers);

Other Pop Culture items include Rock and Roll Memorabilia, Celebrity Autographs, Pin Up Art and lots more.

The website is easily searched for items of interest, and the bidding on auction day is through and, in person or on the telephone. A buyer’s premium of 13% is added to each lot purchased. Payment may be made by Cash, Master Card, Visa, Am Ex, Discover and Debit Cards.

Auction Gallery is located at 1 Neil Court in Oceanside, Long Island, New York.

Pre-views for all our auctions begin Wednesday before the sale, from 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm, Thursday and Friday from 12:00 noon to 8:00 pm each day, and 8:30 am to 10:00 am the day of the sale! Unless otherwise noted, all auctions start promptly at 10:00 am. Please come and see all the lots for yourself. Can’t stay for the auction? Then leave an ABSENTEE BID SHEET and we will bid on your behalf! If you can’t make it here, fax a bid sheet to at at (516) 594-9414 or use our ON-LINE CATALOG through this website to leave a bid until 9:30 am the day of the sale.