Hollywood Entertainment Museum Auctions Prized Memorabilia to Support Unique School for At-Risk Youth

Hollywood Entertainment Museum (HEM) today announced the release of historically significant items for auction to provide educational opportunities for LA’s at-risk youth. Presented by Super Auctions, nearly one hundred years of Hollywood history will be up for bid at a live, online auction January 31, 2010.

How can you alter the direction of a life? Not by lecturing, not by punishing, but by providing opportunities. Phyllis Caskey, President of HEM and main force in creating the Hollywood Media Arts Academy, a collaboration between HEM and the Los Angeles County Office of Education, explains the powerful impact of the school: “In just a short period of time, I can see the transformation that takes place in our students. While training for careers in the media arts, they earn their high school diplomas leading to higher education and security for their futures and families.”

Founded in 1986, HEM is an exceptional mix of culture and education. This program is one of the most successful in the country and serves as a global model. More than 82 percent of HEM students graduated high school, and 50 percent of those graduates went on to college.

Like all schools, HEM is faced with tough economic conditions, and has found a unique way to cover expenses. HEM is placing items on the auction block to raise money to keep the school in operation. Fans of movies, television shows and the stars of by-gone eras, have an opportunity to claim a piece of history, while providing educational opportunities that change lives. From the ridiculous to the sublime, items include:

antique projectors and editing equipment
exquisite, bronze, life-sized statutes of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton
items from the Max Factor collection including scrapbooks, make-up, beauty calibrator, world history books, wigs, negatives, photographs and more
Miniatures of the City of Hollywood, Hollywood Bowl, Malibu Colony, and Hollywood Movie Studio
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