First Super Yacht Auction

Auction platform for super yachts (> 24 metres), presents its first global auction: a new Schooner of 100 ft (32,80 metres). The auction, held at will be open for bids until 1 March next, 14:00 h. (UTC+1). The owner of the ship has chosen Super Yacht Auction in order to conclude a fast sale.

Background of this auction

The construction of the Schooner started as a ten year project by a team of technical experts to create a classic sailing Schooner for charters with living accommodation onboard. Due to medical problems of key project staff the project had to be abandoned, and the Schooner is now on auction. Until today over EUR 2.200.000 has been invested in the ship. The asking price was EUR 1.300.000 and the ship will probably be auctioned for an estimated EUR 800.000 – EUR 1.000.000.

Inspection day

Viewing takes place Saturday 20 February 2010 from 12:00 to 18:00 h., which gives potential bidders every opportunity to inspect the Schooner before bidding. Address: Port Camargue, Qai Bonne Esperance, France.

Why Super Yacht Auction?

Super Yacht Auction has been introduced as a new tool to generate fast sales in the super yacht industry, providing a new perspective for the industry with exclusive online and public auction services.

Today, sellers of super yachts (brokers and owners) are looking for short transaction times and cost effective sales. And buyers, aware of the economy, are looking for good deals. Super Yacht Auction combines supply and demand.

Every yacht on auction is presented to thousands of registered bidders. Bids are irrevocable and unconditional. Yachts are sold in the condition as they are at the time of acceptance (“as is where is”).

Professional yacht auctioneers

Super Yacht Auction is a subsidiary of Vessel Auction which specialises in the organisation of online (175 per year) and public auctions of boats, ships and yachts. Super Yacht Auction is Register Auctioneer Ships & Yachts and sponsor of Dutch Association of S+P Ship- and Yacht Brokers. Both online and public auctions take place under the official supervision of a bailiff firm or notary public. In order to serve super yacht brokers and owners worldwide Super Yacht Auction is located worldwide.

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