Property Portals Offered Online Property Auction Partnership Through auctionmove .co .uk are now offering property portals the chance to partner with the established online property auction site and introduce this innovative and groundbreaking service to new and existing clients.
Based in the North-West of England, auctionmove. co .uk brings a fresh and dynamic approach to online property auctions by providing continuous live trading, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The joint venture opportunity that property portals can enjoy will see the integration of a profitable new service into the portals product portfolio that will allow all parties to receive a percentage of the profits generated by the auction.
auctionmove .co .uk’s extensive property auction site has several features that provide an appetising auction proposition. is used at the point of registration to check the identity of every bidder ensuring that all money-laundering regulations are adhered to before bids are placed on the properties. This piece of mind, along with the security provided by HSBC who process every payment through the site, allows bidders and property owners to use the site in a secure environment.
Lisa Obertelli, sales director of auctionmove .co .uk said: “We’ve been anticipating that the continued growth of the online property auction market would culminate in a natural collaboration between property portals and auction sites.
“We believe that the time is now right for auctionmove .co .uk’s experienced team to enter into a joint venture with the right partner who sees the importance of offering new and innovative services whilst embracing the consumer desire for online property auctions.”
The auctionmove. co .uk website invites motivated purchasers to bid on a carefully chosen selection of residential and commercial properties, as well as land and development opportunities.
Properties are featured on the site continuously for 28 days, where they are actively marketed and bids can be placed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Buyers can place bids on properties throughout the four week auction period and providing the reserve is met, the highest bidder wins the property with the sale legally binding upon confirmation of winning bid.
The unique and easy to use online bidding service has been developed to allow buyers to place bids with confidence and security in mind.
The website is quick and easy to use, clearly outlining how the seller can list their property and how buyers can express interest, find out more information, view properties and register a bid online.
For more information visit www.auctionmove . co .uk or call 0800 242 5847.
auctionmove . co .uk is a pioneering service that embraces the power of the internet to bring a fresh new approach to property auctions by offering continuous live trading, 24 hours a day-seven days a week.
Our unique and easy to use live online bidding service has been specially developed to allow members to place bids with confidence.
auctionmove . co .uk creates a new way to link motivated buyers and sellers, whilst offering a fast and efficient sale process that is more cost effective and less time-consuming than the traditional house auction.
With a carefully chosen selection of residential and commercial properties, as well as land and development opportunities, the houses are sold to the highest bidder through an engaging and easy to use online auction. is quick and easy to use, with someone always on hand to guide you through the process.
All our online auctions are listed continuously over a four week period, bringing a fresh new approach to the auction process.
Promising a competitive bidding process and sales which will be completed within 28 days, auctionmove. co .uk is one of the leading new online sites for auctioning properties.