Antik A.S.’s Auction of Contemporary Art in Istanbul

ISTANBUL – Antik A.S., the leading auction house of Turkey, announce the 260th auction of Modern and Contemporary Art in Istanbul which will take place on Sunday 7 March 2010.

Antik A.S., will offer the masterpiece by Erol Akyava (1932-1999) ever to have appeared on the market. Estimated at USD 1-1.5 million the painting will be the masterpiece of Antik A.S.’s forthcoming Sale of Contemporary Art in Istanbul.

EROL AKYAVA (1932-1999) “The Siege” (The Glory Of Victory) Mixed media on canvas Signed and dated 1982 266 x 385 cm

One of the masters of the Turkish Contemporary Art, Erol Akyava painted “Siege” painting (266×385 cm.) in 1982. “Siege” exhibited in Überse Museum, Bremen, Germany, 1982, Instutute of Contemporary Art, London, 1988, Turkish Artists Exhibition, Denmark/Charlottenburg, 1995 and art critics describe this work as one of the icon paintings of the Turkish Art.

Antik A.S. will also offer for sale paintings by masters of Turkish Contemporay One of the leading abstact artists Mubin Orhon’s oil on canvas painting “Red”, (100×100 cm.); an abstract work by Ferruh Baaa’s begining of artistic career and two masterpieces from “Pigeons” series; Abidin Elderoglu’s abstract work dated 1973 (88×116 cm.); one of the important Turkish figurative artists Omer Uluc’s painting titled “Nude”, 1981 (120×84 cm.) and other monumental paintings from different periods of artists’s career; Fahr El Nissa Zeid’s “Fortress and Woman” (100×120 cm.); Oya Zaim Katolu’s masterpiece called “Turkish Houses” (150×100 cm.) will also included at auction.

Olgac Artam, the auctioneer of the 260th sale of Antik AS, says “The masterpiece of Erol Akyavas, “The Siege” is the reflection of the peak of Akyavas’s artistic powers and is an extraordinary work, not only for its exceptional quality and being the greatest work of the artist’s, but also for the importance to the Turkish Art History. The work is considered as one of the most important top 5 paintings in Turkish art world. And to see such an important work offered at an auction is a great chance for museums and private collectors. It is a chance of owning “the masterpiece” of the Contemporary Turkish Art”

“A big day for Turkish Art Market”
Haldun Dostoglu, the owner Galeri Nev, one of the Turkey’s major galleries for contemporary art, says “Erol Akyavas’s ‘The Siege’ is the most important masterpiece of the artist, and it is one of the most important top 5 paintings of the contemporary Turkish art.”

The sale lots will be exhibited in the main building of Antik A.S. between the dates 1 – 7 March 2010.

Since 1981 Antik Co. has realized more than two hundreds of high quality auctions.

ANTIK Co. is the first company which realized the first professional fine-art auction in Turkey.

Before 1981, auctions were held at private houses or at the property-owner’s houses lacking professional approach.

ANTIK Co. started a new auction era, elegant preview exhibitions in elegant showrooms, accompanied with beautifully illustrated catalogues, close client relations and new client services…

Many new companies uses exactly the same Auction Conditions (condition of sale), which are initiated by ANTIK Co.

From 1989 onwards, ANTIK auctions became major attractions on Istanbul’s social agenda.

Today ANTIK PALACE salerooms continue to be a popular place for the exceptional and the beautiful.

Besides auctions, Antik Co. Organizes exhibitions, symposiums, conferences and annual art seminars.

Books and magazines about art and antiques are available at Antik Palace library.

Exhibition: 1 March to 7 March 2010 at Antik A.S. Macka, Istanbul.
Auction: Sunday, 7th March 2010 at 14:00, Swissotel , Istanbul.