Fins & Feathers Plantation to Be Auctioned

Fins & Feathers Plantation will be heading to the online auction block and David Graham will be looking to see who will continue the endeavor he started.

Graham developed what was once a raw 1,240 acres of paper company land on the South Newport River into an exclusive hunting & fishing retreat. Working with Ronnie Chambers, Graham constructed a hunting lodge, luxury cabins, and an expansive operations center with boats, Jeeps, recreational vehicles, and kennels. Then they focused on habitat improvement, creating an environment where outdoor enthusiasts of all ages could pursue both deer & wildfowl hunting and red fish & tarpon sight fishing.

When asked what gave him the greatest sense of accomplishment at the end of the development process, Graham divulged, “Seeing the father-son combinations. The most fun part for me was seeing the 10-, 11-, 12-year-olds learn how to hunt and fish — including my own son. Even some dads, too — hunting for the first time.”

While Graham and Chambers have been operating Fins & Feathers Plantation as a year-round commercial venture, Graham thinks the privacy and property amenities might bring a buyer who has different intentions, adding, “This would make a great extended-family compound or retreat.”

The bidding will run online only from March 14 until March 24, directed by Steve Jax of Tranzon Integrity Partners. “We expect a diverse mix of bidders,” revealed auction manager, Walt Driggers, “With such quality amenities combined with such an attainable reserve; I anticipate a new owner on auction day.”

Fins & Feathers Plantation had been broker-listed for two years at a listing price almost double Graham’s auction reserve. When presented with a two-month sale process, Graham jumped at the opportunity for an auction marketing campaign. “It’s quick. It’s clean — almost exclusively the best way to find the value of a property.”

That value will be determined on auction day, as well as the value of three adjacent properties to Fins & Feathers Plantation. A home on Eagle Neck Air Strip and two parcels (136+ and 156+ acres) of timberland will be offered as separate tracts in individual online auctions.

For more information about this auction, visit or call (877) 374-4437.