Jack Jones artist (1922-1993) is a Welsh national treasure. Often referred to as the ‘Welsh Lowy’ because of his inspiration from the industrial surroundings of his childhood home, Swansea.

A self-taught artist he preferred to describe himself as the ‘Leonardo of the slag heap’. His paintings have a certain quality that while depicting the poverty from his childhood memories, (he once said the slag heap was his playground) they have a huge sense of community and the figures appear as strong individuals. He held solo shows in both London and Swansea and his work is now avidly collected by celebrities such as Sir Anthony Hopkins.

A collection of works by Jack Jones is being offered for auction by Richard Winterton Auctioneers in Lichfield on 25th March. The 25 Lot consignment includes some interesting crowd scene studies, abstract compositions, sketch books, self portraits, some of his famous street scenes and an oil painting of a slag heap. Pre-sale estimates range from £180 to £600. For further detail contact the Auctioneers on 01543 251081 or email [email protected]