Prange Ranch Colorado Grazing Land Auction

After more than nine decades in the same family, the 9,920-acre Prange Ranch will sell at auction on Wednesday, May 12, with Westchester Auctions and Ranch Marketing Associates managing the grazing land sale.

The ranch includes 8,000 acres of deeded pasture and grazing land and 1,920 acres leased from the state. Additionally the Colorado ranch includes 300 animal grazing units as one of the original members of the 196,000 acre Crow Valley Grazing Association.

The deeded pasture land and grazing land will sell in 12 tracts — seven of which are 640 acres each. The largest tract is 2,560 acres, and the remaining tracts range from 80 acres to 400 acres.
The auction will include three homes, a bunkhouse, a dairy barn, as well as several additional outbuildings.

“This is a very well-known and well-maintained ranch in a great location,” said Westchester’s Scott Shuman. “This has been a highly productive ranch for many years, and everything is in place for new owners to continue and establish new operations,” Shuman said.
The ranch itself is located just off U.S. Highway 85, 19 miles south of Cheyenne and 30 miles north of Greeley. It was established in 1917, when Henry Prange moved to the area from Holland, Neb. While his original plan was to improve and sell the land, the family fell in love with the area and ultimately elected to expand it into what became the Prange Ranch. The owners will also be selling one of Colorado’s oldest brands with the proceeds going to benefit college bound seniors through the Bill Perusek Memorial.
Individuals interested in additional information about the ranch may contact the auction company at 970-454-2062, 217-352-6000 or visit