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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Phillips de Pury & Company Saatchi Gallery Auction

Phillips de Pury & Company will hold their BRIC auctions at London’s Saatchi Gallery, on 23rd and 24th April. The BRIC auctions will be the very first sales of Contemporary Art from today’s fastest-growing and burgeoning international powerhouses: Brazil, Russia, India and China.

The auctions will launch with an evening sale on April 23rd, featuring seminal works from a selection of the four countries’ key Contemporary artists, and followed on April 24th, by four separate day sales, each dedicated to separate BRIC country and offering works by the most successful and dynamic Contemporary artists from the various regions.

While normally used as a financial term referring to the rapidly expanding economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China, here the acronym BRIC refers to the budding Contemporary Art scene within these four nations.

The BRIC sale will reflect the widespread growth of interest in Contemporary Art coming out of these incredibly rich cultures. This growth runs parallel with the emergence of these countries as significant powers in the global economy.

BRIC will be the sixth sale in a series of themed auctions and will offer a ground breaking collection of artworks, meticulously selected across Contemporary Art, Photography, Design and Editions by Phillips de Pury & Company’s international team of specialists. The bringing together of these various disciplines will not only reveal how deep the influence of each country’s economic development has been on the work of their artists, but will also reinforce the relevance of their work to the wider world community of artists, collectors, curators and scholars.

The BRIC sales will bring together approximately 450 lots across the four disciplines and countries. Highlights include masterpieces by Os Gêmeos, Lygia Clark (Brazil), Alexander Rodchenko, Eric Bulatov, Alexander Kosolapov (Russia), Jitish Kallat, Subodh Gupta (India), Zhang Xiaogang, Yue MinJun and Ai Weiwei (China).

For the first time, both the viewing and sales for BRIC will be held at the Saatchi Gallery, where Phillips de Pury & Company has a partnership enabling free public admission to the gallery. The exhibition will occupy the space in its entirety.