Tropicana Hotel & Casino Merchandise Auction

BizAuctions, Inc., a prime provider of commercial eBay and Amazon liquidation services for excess inventories, overstocks and returns, and La Jolla Liquidation & Auction Co. have begun receiving the first tractor-trailer loads of merchandise from the Tropicana Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Delmar Janovec, CEO comments, “Since the announcement of our Joint-Venture agreement on April 8, 2010, BizAuctions and La Jolla Liquidation & Auction Co., have received four (4) semi-truck loads of furniture, fixtures, and equipment which is just the start of a very large liquidation project that will take from nine (9) to twelve (12) months to complete. This begins the liquidation of furniture, fixtures, and equipment from the Tropicana Hotel & Casino, a historic Las Vegas landmark.

“Under the Joint-Venture, BizAuctions and La Jolla Liquidation & Auction Co. have begun the task of inventorying the merchandise and selecting the most appropriate goods and equipment to be sold on our eBay or Amazon platforms. The remaining goods-equipment will be sold through bi-weekly or monthly live-auctions that will be held at BizAuctions warehouse in Otay Mesa or possibly at other facilities within the greater San Diego area or County.

“The renovation of the Tropicana Hotel & Casino is being completed in phases with the renovation of approximately 800 suite-rooms, kitchen areas, banquet-conference areas, and meeting rooms, spa, and casino areas. Included in the liquidation will be the amazing antique stained-glass ceiling above the poker and craps tables in the main casino area of the Tropicana.”

Janovec adds, “We are working very close with the management of La Jolla Liquidation & Auction Co. to enlist their knowledge of live-auctions for the preparation and scheduling of upcoming auctions over the next 30, 60, 90 days, and beyond. We are gaining valuable experience for BizAuctions and welcome the expertise of the live-auction business that La Jolla Liquidation & Auction Co. brings to the Joint Venture.

“BizAuctions employs two primary business models, whereby it liquidates inventory through eBay and Amazon on consignment for a lucrative commission; and/or it purchases inventory at a fraction of retail price for the purpose of liquidating it for a profit. BizAuctions consigns, buys inventory, and liquidates through eBay and Amazon platforms and its recently opened retail store, Lucky 7’s,” continues Janovec.

The Company’s clients have included some of the Nation’s leading retail names at the forefront of their industries. With a long-term strategy to provide liquidation services to Fortune 1000 enterprises, BizAuctions is a clear and lucrative solution for most any business to liquidate excess inventory on its eBay and Amazon platforms and its Lucky 7’s retail store.

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