Schwarzer Einser Stamp Rarity for Dorotheum Auction

A small kreutzer coin, that was all a single stamp from the sheet coming up for auction at Vienna Dorotheum on 4th May 2010 once cost. The quarter sheet on offer consists of 45 stamps and is a real rarity. The stamp had its debut on 1. 11. 1849 as one of the very first stamps in Germany. In the present, the bidding for this sheet of Bavarian stamps, which has become known as „Schwarzer Einser“ or ‘Black One’, will start at 40.000 Euro.

For more than 15 years, until 1864, postage of one kreutzer was enough to post printed matter. Dorotheum expert Gerhard Babor waxes almost rhapsodic: “The item on auction is unused and in an excellent state of preservation; such a rarity only appears on the market once every few years”. Following appearances at an auction in Hannover in 1964, and in Zurich in 1978, this collector’s item has until now been in an Austrian private collection.

Additionally, the auction presents numerous philatelic treasures, such as a collection of German field post dating to World War II.