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With the power of global communications today such as the television and internet, it is hard to imagine how alien foreign countries must have seemed over a hundred years ago. Take for example China. Throughout history, the west has always been intrigued by China – its beautiful porcelain and rich culture has been the subject of intrigue for centuries, not to mention the cuisine.

If you take yourself back to the early nineteenth century China must have seemed like another planet. The clothes worn in China at the time must have been the subject of fascination and admiration to us in the west – the rich colours of textiles and decoration.

A book titled ‘The Costume of China’ was compiled by George Henry Mason, (Major of His Majesty’s 102nd Regiment), published in 1804 has come to light in a local property. The leather bound volume contains sixty hand coloured engravings of Chinese figures in the respective costumes of their individual trade. An informative description accompanies each.

Frog Catcher

Examples of note are the garments worn by ‘Man with a Raree Show’, ‘Pork Butcher’, ‘Frog Catcher’, ‘Barber’, ‘Woman preparing Tea’, ‘Fishmonger’ and so on. The plate showing ‘A Lady of Distinction’ shows the figure in her ‘Habit of Ceremony’ holding a pipe. The illustrations were designed by Pu-Qua of Canton and published originally in 1799.

The rare volume is coming up at Richard Winterton’s Fine Art Sale on Thursday 27th May and carries a £1,500-2,000 estimate.

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