BillionaireXchange to Auction Ancient Persian Necklace / Holy Symbol of Islam

A rare set of ancient royal jewelry, consisting of a necklace and amulet named “The Pleiades Star Crescent Necklace”, is to be sold at a private auction being held by high-end luxury auction-house BillionaireXchange (

On May 13, 2010, Forbes, CNN, Fox and many other news sources reported that a very rare 1 BC – 2 AD gold artifact, symbolically named as “The Pleiades Star Crescent Necklace & Amulet”, became internationally available for acquisition on

Other than the appraisal for 35 Million USD there is no other price on the provided website. Through other sources it is reported that the necklace and amulet is to be offered at 8.5 Million USD.

Luxury Lifestyle magazine has already labelled this to be the most sensational sale of the year stating that: “This year the pedestal belongs to the artifact poetically named ‘The Pleiades Star Crescent Necklace’ dated to 1st Century BC ? 2nd Century AD. This interesting calling unveils its most unique attribution as this necklace is one of the most ancient jewellery representations of The Crescent Moon and The Star that is more commonly known as the Holy Symbol of Islam.” (

The BillionaireXchange auction takes pride in their ability to directly connect high-end buyers and sellers together while providing secure and very private transactions which can appeal to many VIP buyers who wish to partake in such events outside of auction-floor bazaar and in privacy of their quarters.

The auction is set to begin early this week and is expected to attract many private buyers. It must also be mentioned that the auction rules and timeline are much different from the standard auctioneering practices.

Essentially the BillionaireXchange auctions are a combination of a continuous sale combined with auction-style bidding that can last longer than normal one day auctions – in short, the item is auctioned until sold. This unusual practice mixed with their high-end clientele accounts for BillionaireXchange and its excellent sales success rate.