Online Government Fine Art Auction

Penny Worley Auctioneers ( announces online auction of government art in Miami, Fla., according to Jerry Jenkins.

“We have nearly 200 pieces of fine art, including oils, acrylics, lithographs, watercolors and mixed media,” said Jenkins. “All of these pieces will sell to the highest bidders.”

The art features local artists and nationally-known artists including: Maya Ling Yin, Clarence Measelle; Sergio Lay; Juan Carlos Liberti, Cundo Bermudez, Pierre-Yves Tremois, Cynthia Maronet, Julio Antonio, Mario Bencomo, and Liliana Golubinsky.

An inspection is scheduled for Saturday, June 26, from 2pm to 6pm at Space 4004, 4004 NW 2nd Ave at 40th Street, Miami, Fla.

Bidding closes on June 27 for the items. The online auction is open to the public. Bidders must register prior to bidding. For more information, visit, or call Jerry Jenkins at (513) 313-9178.