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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Global Launch Of Solutionauctions.Com

Starting with its launch October 6, is a new way to trade answers to any question. It’s an online auction site that allows anyone to post solutions to specific problems and sell them at their own price or to post a question and take bids for the answer. Every new solution is another opportunity for people to make money, using knowledge they already have – while really helping other people. As part of the launch, is offering cash awards for new solutions (up to $30 per article), referrals, and survey responses. is an idea born of a problem. In 2007, founder Joey Liender spent weeks trying to enable Bluetooth in his new car, sifting through conflicting information online and wasting three trips to the dealer. The experience gave him an idea – why not develop a place where people can provide specific answers to specific questions? Even better – a place where people can ask questions on any topic and get an answer. His concept was an eBay for ideas.

Liender called in experts like industry-renowned Tim Ash of Site Tuners to design a site for the best user experience. After 7260 hours of work, 26 months, and over 100 contractors in 11 countries, the site was ready.

The result is

A sophisticated 90-second video walks through the process and benefits of joining Solution as an expert, at is a totally unique auction site because it deals in ideas. allows members use their life experience to make extra money and save other people time, effort, and frustration. We have a satisfaction guarantee — if your solution doesn’t work, you get a refund. Anyone can browse posted problems or solutions, even non-members. Signing up and posting questions and solutions are always free, so using is a stress-free (and rewarding) experience. Get more information on how this works or sign up today at

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