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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Important Maritime Paintings and Decorative Arts for Auction at Bonhams

Bonhams is pleased to announce the upcoming auction of Important Maritime Paintings and Decorative Arts on Wednesday, January 26, 2011.

The 130 lot sale is comprised primarily of property from private collections and important institutions such as The India House and The Steamship Historical Society of America. With a profound focus upon American shipping, items span from the mid-18th century through to the early-20th century. The auction will begin at 1 p.m. at the Bonhams saleroom located at 580 Madison Avenue at 56th Street.

Gregg Dietrich, Sale Consultant, Bonhams, said, “This is a tight well-focused sale with works from important collections and by some of the most sought after maritime artists, painting American ships and depicting American maritime history.”

Highlights include: a custom silver lined mahogany humidor by Tiffany & Co., circa 1900, for Henry Morrison Flagler, an American tycoon, real estate promoter, railroad developer and partner of John D. Rockefeller in Standard Oil (est. $7,000-10,000); The American Revenue Schooner by Robert Salmon featuring drying sails in the Boston Harbor, 1831 (est. $150,000-250,000); Chasing the Slaver: Her Majesty’s brig Acorn in chase of the slaver Gabriel by Montague Dawson, a watercolor on paper (est. $20,000-30,000); and an Andrew’s Lunar Tellurian by Weber Costello Co., circa 1914-1924 (est. $8,000-12,000).

Notable paintings from the Marine Collection at India House include: The passenger – freighter Aguan at sea by Antonio Nicolo Gasparo Jacobsen, circa 1890 (est. $15,000-20,000); The U.S.M. Washington headed out to sea with other shipping by James Edward Buttersworth (est. $50,000-70,000); The Clipper Ship Challenge Arriving off the Coast of England Under Full Sail by Samuel Walters, circa 1852 ($30,000-50,000); The ship William P. Frye at sea with other shipping in the background by William Alexander Coulter, circa 1901 (est. $30,000-50,000); and The packet ship Dewitt Clinton of New York departing Liverpool by Samuel Walters, 1865 (est. $30,000-50,000).

Highlights from the Steamship Historical Society are: The Hudson River Paddle Steamer New York by James Bard (est. $15,000-25,000); The Sinking of the S.S. Oregon by Antonio Nicolo Gasparo Jacobsen, 1903 (est. $20,000-30,000); The Hudson River Dayliner Sylvan Shore by James Bard (est. $40,000-60,000); The steamship S.S. Madison of the Old Dominion Line at sea, 1914 (est. $15,000-25,000) and The S.S. Apache at sea, 1903 (est. $20,000-30,000) by Antonio Nicolo Gasparo Jacobsen.

Unique items of interest also include a rare scrimshawed sperm whale’s tooth by Stephen C. Christian; 1832 (est. $20,000-30,000) and extraordinary silver mounted scrimshawed whale’s tooth from Charles Darwin’s voyage on HMS Beagle, 1832-36 (est. $20,000-30,000).

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