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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

HWPH Scripophily Auctioneers Offers Antique Stocks and Bonds in Upcoming Auction Sales

HWPH, one of the biggest German scripophily auctioneers, offers more than 2,000 antique stocks and bonds within its two upcoming auction sales. The first sale (21st auction, May 7) will be a public auction located in Wiesbaden, Germany, the second sale (22nd auction, May 9 and 10) will be a pure online auction. Both sales will be powered by Artfact InfiniteBidding, allowing users to bid live at home.

While Russian stocks and bonds still trend up HWPH is proud about offering several rarities here. One of the highlights of course will be a specimen bond of the City of Kichineff (today: Chisinau). Usually being issued in 1892 most probably all bonds had been repaid latest in 1916 – so the specimen bond might be the only one of this kind still existing. Further three bonds of the first horse-drawn railroad in Moscow, issued 1895 and previously unknown, would be highlights for collectors and investors.

Collectors of rarities relating to other countries will also find some really nice offers: Highlight is a 1651 issued bond of the East India Company, followed by a “younger” East India Company banknote from 1805. Among a lot of other items US collectors will find a rarity and curiosity combined: A 1969 Treasury Bill with the high face value of $100,000 bearing the original signature of Secret Service Special Agent Jurg W. Mattmann. Quote: “Scripophily and Crime”.

Of course there are German rarities too: A 1836 issued founder’s share of the famous German Ludwig-Danube-Main Canal. The age, the signature and the importance of the adventure make this share certificate to one of the most important German scripophily items.

Finally there are lot of chances to make some cheaper bargains too. Many lots are set with an opening bid of 1 Euro only! “Of course this matter of fact is very interesting for people ‘hunting’ for good deals”, Matthias Schmitt, CEO of HWPH AG, confirms general thoughts. “Even if items selling for hundreds of Euros or Dollars in the past won’t sell for a buck now”, he adds – “but nevertheless we expect bidders having a lot of fun here.”

For further information visit or directly the English version of the catalogue at

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