Tiancheng International Auctioneer Limited Auction Monumental Head of Pierre de Wissant by Auguste Rodin for $for 8,325,825

Tiancheng International Auctioneer Limited have auctioned a Monumental Head of Pierre de Wissant by Auguste Rodin for 8,325,825 U.S. in Hong Kong.

Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), Monumental Head of Pierre de Wissant , bronze, estimate upon request. Inscribed with the signature Auguste Rodin and with the foundry mark Alexis RUDIER. Fondeur. PARIS H: 32 ¼ in. 82 cm.

Monumental Head of Pierre de Wissant is an enlarged cast of the head of one of the figures from Rodin’s famous Monument to the Burghers of Calais, one of the greatest works of public art of the nineteenth century. The latter, signifying patriotism and heroism, depicts six burghers from Calais, a town in the north of France, who volunteered to sacrifice their lives to save their homeland during England’s invasion in 1347. Pierre de Wissant was one of the burghers and Rodin’s rendition of him was considered as the most moving and popular.

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