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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Ketterer Kunst Auction Season Start in Munich

With an overall result of EUR 3,4 million* in the April auctions, the season made a promising start, especially as this result tops that of last year’s spring auction by EUR 1 million. “Besides the high quality on offer, it is particularly the crisis-proof form of investment that is most convincing. Some 21 results above the EUR 20.000 mark in both auctions of ‘Art from the 20th/21st century of up to EUR 20.000’ clearly support this. I am already looking forward to this season’s main auction on 8 June“, comments Robert Ketterer on the first part of the spring auctions **.

R. Nesch - Große Elbbrücke II, 1932. Metal print in colors, 17.7 x 23.4 in. Starting price: Result: EUR 165.000
R. Nesch – Große Elbbrücke II, 1932. Metal print in colors, 17.7 x 23.4 in. Starting price: Result: EUR 165.000

The company’s owner continues: ”More than 30% first time buyers once more confirm fine art’s increasing appeal. The average increase of 203% per sold lot in the collection Schiefler delivers additional proof thereof.

Top 5
No. 458: Rolf Nesch – Große Elbbrücke II. Result EUR 165.000*, starting price: EUR 5.600
No. 478: Max Pechstein – Mann und Weib. Result EUR 117.000*, starting price: EUR 24.000
No. 459: Rolf Nesch – Hafenbrücke. Result EUR 61.000*, starting price: EUR 16.000
No. 479: Karl Schmidt-Rottluff – Szene. Result EUR 54.000*, starting price: EUR 20.000
No. 461: Emil Nolde – Apostelkopf. Result EUR 51.000*, starting price: EUR 8.000

The auction’s focal points were on:

1. Modern Art with Collection Schiefler II
2. Post War/Contemporary Art

on 1. Modern Art with Collection Schiefler II

The section of Modern Art opened the two-day auction marathon. With Rolf Nesch‘s color metal print “Große Elbbrücke II“ (lot 458) it also delivered the auction’s top lot par excellence. Called up at EUR 5.600, a private collector from Germany’s north honored the fine sheet from an edition of just 8 copies with a result of EUR 165.000*. Next to the auction room, he also relegated five international phone bidders to places second and beyond.

All other works by the artist in this auction were also sold, almost entirely with remarkable increases. For instance the “Hafenbrücke“ from 1932 climbed from its starting price of EUR 16.000 to EUR 61.000*. A private collector from Oslo outbid his fellow countrymen, several bidders from Southern Germany and a Northern German museum. However, when the portrait “Gustav Schiefler“ (lot 454) was called up he stood no chance. An art dealer from Norway relegated him as well as German competitors to places second and beyond by offering EUR 25.000*, which amounted to more than a thirty-fold of the starting price of EUR 800, making it the number one lot in this auction in terms of increase.

Works by Hermann Max Pechstein made for excellent results, first and foremost his lithograph in colors “Mann und Weib“ (lot 478), which was especially popular with American bidders. The trophy, however, was won by the Norwegian art dealer, who had already been successful with the Nesch works. Eventually, he paid the overall result of EUR 117.000* for the rare sheet from the “Brücke“ days in 1909.

While a German collector let Karl Schmidt-Rottluff‘s “Szene“ (lot 479) from 1910, which was called up right after the Pechstein, soar from EUR 20.000 to EUR 54.000*, Emil Nolde‘s watercolor “Apostelkopf“ (lot 461) reached remarkable heights of EUR 51.000* and accordingly a six-fold of its starting price of EUR 8.000. This work also remains in Germany.

The 18 works by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, which were entirely sold above their estimates, also made for excitement in the auction room. As expected, the list was led by the hand-colored woodcut “Kleines Variete mit Sängerin“ (lot 422) from 1912, for which a Franconian private collector had to fight off competitors from Great Britain and Switzerland with an overall result of EUR 49.000*.

Further great results were achieved by the following:

No. 460, Nesch (print), Frau auf der Brücke. Starting price EUR 12.000, result EUR 43.000*
No. 490, Schmidt-Rottluff (lithograph), Weißes Mädchen. Starting price EUR 12.000, result EUR 40.000*
No. 480, Schmidt-Rottluff (woodcut), Stralsunder Türme. Starting price EUR 12.000, result EUR 30.000*
No. 423, E. L. Kirchner (woodcut), Elisabethufer (Berlin). Starting price EUR 16.000, result EUR 30.000*
No. 413, Erich Heckel (woodcut in colors), Knieende am Stein. Starting price EUR 6.400, result EUR 30.000*

on 2. Post War/Contemporary Art
This section is led by Georg Baselitz’s 1982 work in blue ink on paper (lot 585), which, called up at EUR 10.000, achieved almost three times its starting price with a result of EUR 27.500*. It went to a private collector from Southern Germany, who stood his grounds against competitors from all over Germany.

While second place went to Markus Lüpertz and his “Rückenakt“ (lot 720), which went to a bidder from Austria for EUR 23.000*, and third place to Otto Piene‘s “Bretzelstrum“ (lot 772) for a result of EUR 22.500*, fourth place is shared among three artists at a time: Both Heinz Mack‘s object “Doppel-Flügel“ (lot 729) and Hans Hartung‘s untitled color chalk drawing (lot 512) as well as Markus Lüpertz’s bronze “Daphne 7“ (lot 719) were sold for EUR 20.000* each. The first two will remain in Germany while the latter will find a new home in Austria.

More than just worthwhile mentioning are the following:

No. 579, Bacon (aquatint), Portrait de Peter Beard. Starting price EUR 6.000, result EUR 18.000*
No. 695, Janssen (India ink), Janssen bei Ketterer. Starting price EUR 6.000, result EUR 17.500*
No. 875, Hockney (etching), Rue de Seine. Starting price EUR 8.000, result EUR 17.500*

Unsold objects can be purchased in the post-auction sale until 20 June. Result lists for both auctions are available by phone under +49-89-552440.

* The result (figures are rounded) is the hammer price
+25 percent buyer’s premium for objects up to EUR 25.000
+22 percent buyer’s premium for objects as of EUR 25.001
+20 percent buyer’s premium for objects as of EUR 500.001

** Unlike other German auction houses, Ketterer Kunst holds it auction season on several days. The main auction of Modern and Contemporary Art will take place on 8 June, 2013.

Since it was founded in 1954, Ketterer Kunst has been firmly established in the front ranks of auction houses dealing in art and rare books, with its headquarters in Munich and a branch in Hamburg. Gallery rooms in Berlin as well as representatives in Heidelberg, Düsseldorf and Modena (Italy) contribute substantially to the company’s success. In addition, exhibitions, special theme and charity auctions as well as online auctions are regular events at Ketterer Kunst. Robert Ketterer is auctioneer and owner of Ketterer Kunst.