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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Eric P. Newman Collection Part III Featuring World Coins Auctioned At Heritage

A 14 ducat of Salzburg, minted in 1612 and so rare that it hasn’t been plated in at least a half century, sold for $211,500 to lead Selections from the Eric P. Newman Collection Part III Signature Auction Jan. 14-16 in New York.

14 ducat of SalzburgThis enigmatic and possibly unique coin, graded AU58 by NGC, is a very rare denomination, and is listed as “rare” in those few references where it can be found at all. Although this is a large, high-relief coin, the ornate design elements are fully and delicately struck, with just the slightest wear to show that it did briefly fulfill its commercial purpose.

A second possibly unique coin from the 17th century, a 1674 double taler from Emden, also reached the six figure level when it sold for $111,625. The obverse of the coin, graded MS66 by NGC, depicts the city of Emden from the point of view of its harbor, still an important port in Northwestern Germany today. The extremely rare single Taler of this design is never found in Mint State grades, let alone the Premium Gem level of this multiple Taler.

A 1672 ten ducat from Saxe-Altenburg, struck with Double Taler dies, sold for $105,750 to round out the top three 17th century highlights of this auction. Depicting a fifteen-year-old Duke Friedrich Wilhelm III on the obverse, this coin boasts nearly full definition, as signified by its NGC-assigned grade of AU58, to go along with extreme rarity as it is estimated that no more than one or two others exist.

Although struck in the 18th century, a Russian 1729 gold Ducat, was another star of this sale as it crossed the auction block for $205,625, taking second honors. Graded AU50 by NGC, 15 bidders competed for the exceptional example of an exceedingly rare one-year type, which is also from the rarer of the two major varieties of the issue.

Selections from the Eric P. Newman Collection of World Coins will continue to be offered in five online monthly events starting Feb. 27, 2014 with the last auction event concluding the last week of July 2014. These will include more than 1,500 additional coins from the collection separated by geographical region from Central and Eastern Europe to the British Isles to the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Additional highlights include, but are not limited to:

Norway: Christian V gold 2 Ducats ND (1670-99), KM120 (lists 3 known), Fr-11, Hede-11, VF Details NGC. Realized: $70,500.

Hong Kong: Victoria Proof Dollar 1866, KM10, Proof 64 NGC. Plain Edge -Medal Rotation). Realized: $64,625.

German States: Breslau. Karl Ferdinand of Poland Octagonal Klippe gold 3 Ducats 1653, KM78, Fr-510, MS63 NGC. Realized: $58,750.

Poland: Andrzej Trzebicki Medallic gold 10 Ducats 1677, Hcz-4050, AU58 NGC. Realized: $58,750.

Canada: Victoria Specimen Cent 1884, KM7, Specimen 65 Red Brown NGC. Realized: $55,812.

Scotland: James VI gold 80-Shillings 1592, S-5457, MS62 NGC. Realized: $55,812.

Papal States: Paolo (Paul) III gold 2 Fiorini di Camera ND (1534-49), Rome mint, Fr-62, Berman-900, Muntoni-2, MS61 NGC. Realized: $52,875.

Italy: Kingdom. Vittorio Emanuele III gold 20 Lire 1902-R, KM37.1, Fr-23, Pagani 662, MS66 NGC. Realized: $52,875.

Naples & Sicily: Ferdinando IV copper Pattern 10 Tornesi 1796-P AP, MIR-388, MS64 Brown NGC. Realized: $52,875.

Great Britain: Kings of Wessex. Ælfred the Great (871-899) portrait “Monogram” Penny ND, London mint, S-1061, North-644 (rare), MS63 NGC. Realized: $52,875.