The auction will be conducted in Liberty, S.C., by Preston Evans Opportunities, of Newnan, Ga.

LIBERTY, S.C. – An astounding 67-year collection of early cars and motorcycles – to include a 1902 Oldsmobile Model R curved-dash runabout, a 1911 touring Cadillac, a 1920 Indian Scout and a 1942 Harley-Davidson, plus many car and motorcycle parts and accessories and antiques and collectibles in various other categories – will all be auctioned the weekend of May 16-17.

1942 Harley: It's hard to believe this drop-dead gorgeous Harley-Davidson motorcycle was made in 1942, but it was.

1942 Harley: It’s hard to believe this drop-dead gorgeous Harley-Davidson motorcycle was made in 1942, but it was.

The sale represents the museum-quality lifetime collections of Remy and Betty Baker, gathered over the course of nearly seven decades and now being offered to the collecting public to enjoy. Remy was a serious collector of early, pre-1930 cars and motorcycles. Other collections included toys, magic and movie posters and beautiful home furnishings. Jukeboxes, vending machines and arcade items will also be sold.

“We have known Remy and Betty for decades and we are honored the family has chosen us to dispose of the many special items from their home and museum,” said Preston Evans of Preston Evans Opportunities, the Newnan, Ga.-based auction firm conducting the sale, which will take place at 517 Flat Rock Road in Liberty, S.C., in northwestern South Carolina, off exit 19 of I-85.

For those unable to attend in person, internet bidding will be facilitated by

The importance of automotive and motorcycle parts and accessories cannot be overstated. There will be hundreds, and for that reason they will be spread out over the two days. On Friday, May 16, beginning at 9 a.m., many of these parts and accessories will be sold (some of them in boxed lots), with additional lots sprinkled throughout the day. A general preview will also start at 9 a.m.

The May 16 session not dedicated to parts and accessories will begin promptly at noon (Eastern time). Much of the day will be dedicated to other collections in what is being called a household auction. Items will include ride-on cars and cast-iron toys, primitives, antique dolls, child-size furnishings, beautiful home furnishings, stored maps and many other antiques and collectibles.

The Saturday, May 17 session has a start time of 9 a.m., and will feature Remy’s many early cars and motorcycles, plus many other other automotive and motorcycle parts and accessories that didn’t come up for bid on Friday. Brass accessories for cars will be offered on Saturday morning. “It is staggering the sheer number of parts and accessories we have in this auction,” Evans said.

Other rare vehicles (in addition to the abovementioned early cars) will include 1924 Hupmobiles (Models R13 and R14), a 1921 Nash Touring Model 41, 1919 and 1921 Chevrolet 490 touring cars, a 1926 Chevrolet series V, a 1905 Armac cycle car, a 1934 three-wheel open roadster, a 1946 Midget Racer, and a 1912 Ford T truck, fully restored and with a mock-up of a calliope.

The antique motorcycles (in addition to the already named 1942 Harley Davidson and 1920 Indian Scout), will also feature a 1912 belt-drive Yale, Harley Hummers and more. As if the auction wasn’t already packed with top-shelf merchandise, Mr. Evans will personally be adding lots from his museum in Warm Springs, Ga. These will include some rare vintage motorcycles.

The 1911 touring Cadillac is a prime example of a restored luxury vehicle, from the very infancy of the automotive industry in this country. The car reflects advances made in the nascent years of luxury car development. It is one of only a few known to exist and it was intended as a show car. It is the best in class at virtually every regional car meet that Remy and Betty Baker bring it to.

Features include a chauffeur’s compartment with rich walnut dashboard, fitted with the original Cadillac speedometer/odometer and Sessions clock; a passenger compartment with beveled glass, walnut burl and rich fabric; a brass tube and trumpet-style intercom system, for talking to the chauffeur; a crystal flower vase; ladies’ cosmetics holders; draperies; and pull-down shades.

Some mystery and intrigue surround the 1902 Oldsmobile Model R curved-dash runabout. A 1946 Jubilee tag identified the vehicle as being from 1898 which, if that were true, would make it one of the earliest known examples of an Oldsmobile in existence – a very rare prototype.. But experimental models dating back that far typically don’t have a curved dashboard, like this one.

Plus, the vehicle being sold has replacements parts from as much later on as 1904 (plus other replacement parts), and the crank is out of place for an 1898 model. However, the grandson of Arthur J. Hodge claims that his grandfather was gifted the car in 1931 by H. H. Walker, and that he (Walker) had been given the car prior to that by R. E. Olds, the founder of Olds Motor Works.

It is true that Mr. Walker and Mr. Olds knew each other. Walker, a highly qualified mechanical engineer, owned a wagon plant and he rented several properties to General Motors in the 1920s. It’s even quite possible that he was given the car by Mr. Olds, for whatever reason. But because that can’t be verified and because of the replacement parts, it is safe to call it a 1902 Oldsmobile.

Liberty, S.C., is located just outside Anderson, S.C., not far from where South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina converge. Tennessee is also not far away. The preferred hotel is the Comfort Inn in Anderson (call for special rates and be sure to mention Preston Evans Opportunities). In addition to internet bidding via, phone and absentee bids will be accepted.

Admission to the Friday, May 16 session is free of charge. Admission on Saturday, May 17 is $10 (or the purchase of a catalog; to purchase a catalog, send $10 to Preston Evans Opportunity Auctions, 31 Redbud Trail, Newnan, GA 30263). For more information about the May 16th-17th auction, please log on to; or call 770-502-0026 or 678-296-3326.