Masonic Memorabilia & Curios at Unique Auctions

Lincoln, UK. Unique Auctions are delighted to announce their first Masonic Memorabilia & Masons Memorabilia auction on the 5th October. The basis for the auction is a single owner collection collected over a 50 year period containing Masonic Swords, Masonic Jewels, Masonic Badges, Masonic Regalia, Masonic Memorabilia, Masonic Books, Masonic Curios, many items of silver and gold etc.

Masonic Memorabilia Masons MemorabiliaLots include: Hallmarked silver masonic chisels, A silver gilt and enamelled breast jewel, founder member 1920. John ‘O’ Gaunt Lodge, A silver gilt Masonic Knight of Malta breast jewel, Mark Master Masons breast jewel silver, 1933 silver Stewards jewels ‘The Royal masonic Institution for girls’, cased 1951 Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution jewels, A silver Masonic compass and horn ‘o’ plenty jewel, A 15ct gold rimmed Duke of Sussex charity jewel, silver Masonic Knights Templar breast stars, A 1941/42 Colwyn Bay past masters jewel with presentation, Hallmarked silver Masonic paper knife, A Hallmarked silver mesh purse, A silver Masonic Royal Order of Scotland star jewel, A silver Masonic compass hallmarked London 1929, Masonic ‘staff’ tops, An 1854/55 silver Masonic pendant jewel, A silver pencil holder, a level tool and a silver plumb rule etc., silver Masonic skirret’s, A Masonic Provincial Grand Lodge Staffordshire horn ‘o’ plenty and compass (medal), A WW1 silver breast jewel, No: 546 inscribed and a silver 1919 collar jewel dedicated to the same person Staffordshire, A Masonic Knights Templar sword with black scabbard, A Masonic Knights Templar Preceptors sword with scabbard, many items of Masonic aprons, sashes, robes, jewels, gavels etc.

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