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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Auction at Christie’s of Michael Farmer’s Meteorite Collection Closes

The first ever online only auction of meteorites from Michael Farmer of Michael Farmer Meteorites at Christie’s London closed on Wednesday, April 6, 2022 with final bids totaling GBP 711,396 ($929,780 USD) ( The auction included collector’s pieces from Michael’s personal private collection, many which are one-of-a-kind meteorites from across the galaxy, and others that have been on exhibit at different museums around the world including The Smithsonian Museum, The Natural History Museum (London), Arizona State University – which has the largest university-based study collection in the world.

Members and non-members of Christie’s bid on the auction through Christie’s London online site. Prices realized include from GBP 63,000 ($82,335 USD) to GBP 378 ($493 USD). A massive Seymchan Pallasite meteorite with extraterrestrial gems in a metallic matrix for GBP 63,000 ($82,335 USD), a transitional Seymchan Pallasite meteorite (Russia) for GBP 47,880 ($67,586), the largest piece of the Portales Valley Chondrite meteorite (New Mexico) for GBP 44,100 ($57,634 USD), the oldest matter known contained in very large Carbonaceous specimen of Allende (Mexico ) for GBP 44,100 ($57,651 USD), and a sculptural iron, fine octahedrite Gibeon (Namibia) for GBP 30,240 ($39,521 USD), NWA 2988 from the asteroid Vesta (The Sahara Desert) for GBP 756 ($986 USD), and Chico stone meteorite (New Mexico) for GBP 378 ($493 USD).

About Michael Farmer

Former Military Intelligence specialist turned meteorite hunter since 1996. His adventures have taken him far and wide across the globe including 6 continents and 84 countries including 120 times to Morocco, 21 times to Oman, 6 times to Kenya, more remote areas like Siberia, Burkina Faso, the High Andes in Bolivia, and more.

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Portales Valley Chondrite Meteorite