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Manheim Group vrs announces remarketing management service for Skoda Used Cars

Skoda has partnered with vrs, part of the Manheim Group, which now provides the complete remarketing service for its used car operations through the Manheim Group’s integrated, multi-channel remarketing proposition. A team of dedicated personnel at vrs and across the Manheim Group work in conjunction with Skoda’s Used Car Supply Manager Stephanie Benton who leads the operation from the client’s perspective.

Skoda Used Car’s sales through vrs recorded a 10.75 percent increase in 2007 compared with 2006, while sales through Manheim Auctions during the same period showed a 6 percent increase. Manheim Simulcast saw a 26 percent increase in usage by Skoda retailers in 2007. The programme of physical auctions exclusive to the Skoda Franchised authorised repair retail network have all vehicles on offer on site and are supported by the Used Car Supply Manager. Meanwhile Simulcast enables Skoda retailers who cannot physically get to the auction to “attend” online, with full live audio and video bidding in real time against other online bidders as well as retailers who are actually present in the hall.

With its wide range of relationships the experienced team at vrs understands the dynamics of the used car market and can advise how best to remarket vehicles. The key to the success of the partnership is the expertise and support provided by the team as well as the quality and depth of data provided by the Group infrastructure across the used car “hub”, offering many benefits for the retail network allowing clear stock visibility across all sales channels. This supports the identification of vehicles that individual retailers want, which vehicles are available, which vehicles are coming through, where to find them andhow to access them. In addition Portfolio, also part of the Manheim Group, provides Skoda retailers with access to a virtual showroom that enables them to find a used car, showcase it to a retail customer and make a sale without even stocking the vehicle. The ability of retailers to source used vehicles quickly and efficiently is making their forecourts more profitable and more successful than ever before.

Commenting on the relationship with vrs and Manheim, Stephanie Benton from Skoda Used Cars said: “The partnership with vrs ensures that retailers have access to the right car at the right price, in the right place and at the right time. This will support Skoda retailers with the most cost effective way of sourcing used cars for their customers and of cultivating profitable and sustainable growth.“

Jacqui Le Put, vrs Sales and Marketing Director added: “vrs is in a unique position in the industry as it can take an unbiased view of the complete used vehicle supply chain and advise accordingly. We know how to support the manufacturer but also understand the needs of the franchise retailer and the challenges they face. The level of integrated service provided to Skoda, supported by an Account Director across all channel streams provides the retailer with one point of contact for all aspects of the used vehicle operation, minimises stocking days, maximises sales and return on investment.”