McLaren supercar sells for record price at Manheim Auctions

A McLaren Mercedes SLR achieved a record price for Manheim Auctions in Europe when it sold for £160,500 at the recent Prestige Sale at Manheim’s Colchester Auction Centre, beating the £158,000 paid for a similar car at Manheim’s Manchester Auction Centre in January. The sale attracted a huge amount of interest with over 300 buyers registered on the day.

The McLaren Mercedes SLR was one of 45 vehicles at the first Prestige Sale to be held at Colchester’s four lane facility. Other vehicles featured at the sale included two BMW 650i coupes which sold for £30,200 and £31,500, a Mercedes-Benz SL 5.4 AMG convertible (£31,200), a BMW M5 (£43,000), a Jaguar XKR (£49,400) and two Porsche 911s which sold for £48,000 and £ 57,000.

“The atmosphere was really exciting especially when the McLaren Mercedes SLR came into view” commented Chris Cush, Manager at Manheim’s Colchester Auction Centre. “To have broken the price record for a car sold by Manheim Auctions in Europe was an unexpected bonus and rounded off a great day.”

Other Prestige Sales this year at Colchester will be on 13th May, 1st July, 2nd September and 4th November.