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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Election Blog Goes Up For Auction on eBay

Election BlogSpot™, an election blog that promises to be the “go to blog” for the 2008 Presidential Election went up for auction on eBay® this morning and ends Mar-17-08 03:39:20 PDT.

Channels Network™ who owns Election BlogSpot™ chose to market the sale of Election BlogSpot™ on eBay® because of eBay‘s® worldwide reach and popularity. “Election BlogSpot™ is such a premier election specific web address that it may very well garner a great deal of attention from buyers and investors around the world” said Ray Whitmer, CEO of Channels Network™.

The election process has moved to the web in a big way through YouTube™ debates, YouTube™ videos, candidates websites, and election blogs. Election BlogSpot™ has unparalleled keyword richness and is easy to remember making it likely to become a leading election blog in the future.

Blogs open the door to conversation and what has generated more conversation over the years than politics? The internet savvy voters of today get their news and information on the web and from blogs, and blogs are clearly the medium of choice.

“We are very interested in this auction and who or what organization that it will attract. Whether it is the DNC, the RNC, or an organization that just wishes to have their voice heard is yet to be seen, but it should be interesting”, added Whitmer.

Election BlogSpot™ holds unique monetary value because unlike most other election related domain names it has no reference to a campaign or a particular election year. Election BlogSpot™ has such versatility that it could very well apply to any country’s elections anywhere.

Channels Network™ is in the process of a total website network and domain name portfolio liquidation due to the announced retirement of the two co-founders Bert L. Bill and Ray Whitmer. These two baby boomers have built one of the most comprehensive “niche market” e-commerce portfolios on the web.

After the sale of all the Channels Network™ internet holdings, Bill and Whitmer will remain active through internet business consultation, teaching at the university level, and the operation of Opportunity Channels™, a “how to succeed in an internet business” web portal.

Channels Network™ is based in Orlando, Florida with offices in Waynesville, North Carolina.