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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Traditional Auction Companies Making the move to Online Sales

When Stiles Auction, LLC opened it’s doors three years ago it didn’t seem like internet sales were going to be a part of the business plan.

Mike McNabb and his partner Charles Mcnabb a father and son team, obtained their State of Wisconsin Auctioneers License, went on to auction school and opened their doors to the world. At first Charles an owner of an antiques store supplied all of the items for their bi-weekly auctions. Later friends and aquantances started bringing their items and things moved along smoothly but after the first couple of years their local following wasn’t growing enough to keep up with the barage of items that kept pouring in.

Mike a long time internet marketer and publicist started building a website that would allow bids to come in from around the world. The website is much like an ebay style website except all of the items are backed by one single company. “All of the items on our site are either owned or contracted directly by us”

Having someone to hold responsible for the items listed has been a part of the huge success of our online venture. Buyers feel more comfortable knowing they can return items if they aren’t represented properly.

Stiles Auction, LLC specializes in art, antiques, complete estates and real estate auctions. Their website can be found at or you can reach them by phone at 920 373 6171