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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Purple Wave Expands With Six New Auction Locations

SAN FRANCISCO – Purple Wave, the “click and mortar” auction company, announced that the company has recently expanded its operation to cover six U.S. states, including locations in Sierra, NV; Dallas, TX; Kansas City, Wichita and Hays, KS; Thomas, OK; and Pueblo West, CO. These new locations are in addition to Purple Wave’s headquarters in Manhattan, KS.

Purple Wave is expanding rapidly through organic growth and business combinations with like-minded auction houses that see the power of the Purple Wave platform. Purple Wave has onboarded with established auctioneer firms including McBride Auction out of Derby, KS, Kisner’s Auction out of Hays, KS, Beadles-Hamar in Thomas, OK, and Gatlin auction of Pueblo West, CO. In addition, Purple Wave has opened three new offices in Dallas, TX and Sierra, NV and Kansas City, MO. All locations now operate as a single Purple Wave team, leveraging a common brand, combined buyer base, and unified business process across the entire network, for sellers, the resulting company can provide unparalleled reach and buyer access for liquidations of real estate, personal property and industrial equipment. Buyers know that no matter what location they are in, they can rely on the same high level quality, consistency and integrity of Purple Wave auctions.

Prior to coming together as Purple Wave, Bob McBride, owner of McBride Auctioneers in Derby, had worked with Purple Wave as a partner to service a contract with the state of Kansas to sell surplus and seized property. McBride noted that the expansion came out of two years of talks with Purple Wave founder Aaron McKee. McBride noted, “We talked about how it would look and feel if we came together as one team and it made sense from every perspective Purple Wave is changing the face of traditional auction by bringing the highest level of professionalism, technology and scalability for the benefit of buyers and sellers.”

“We wanted to be one strong team, operating with the same run book and doing things in a consistent and professional way,” McBride stated.

Along with expanding locations, Purple Wave has expanded their industry-leading marketing capability, gaining top honors in eight categories of the 2008 National Auctioneers Association Marketing Competition. The awards spanned online and traditional advertising for vehicles, real estate, industrial equipment and personal property.

Purple Wave has successfully pioneered a unique model that blends the scalability and reach of an e-commerce business with a growing number of physical auction locations that provide a full-service liquidation network. Purple Wave goes beyond integrating live and Internet bidding, and is investing heavily in live video, mobile bidding and social networking. By combining these elements into one platform, Purple Wave can maximize the reach of a growing community of value-seeking buyers which is attractive to corporate, government and small business sellers of all kinds.

About Purple Wave, Inc.

Purple Wave is one of the nation’s leading auction firms, specializing in real estate, equipment, vehicle, personal property and specialty property sales. Purple Wave operates as a sellers agent through unreserved public auctions — a broad range of assets such as high value personal property, industrial equipment, motor vehicles, and real estate. Unlike eBay or other do-it-yourself online marketplaces, Purple Wave specializes in assets that are difficult to transport and require a local turnkey service from listing to marketing to transaction settlement.

Purple Wave’s mission is to build “the largest local market in the world” by combining a central e-commerce destination at with a growing network of live auction locations across the United States. Resulting in an innovative model where customer acquisition is largely offline and our monetization is largely online.

Purple Wave, Inc.
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