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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Purple Wave to Auction Iowa State Surplus Vehicles, Equipment

Looking for a truck, laptop, tractor or road sweeper? How about a snow plow? Those are a few of the items that are being sold by the State of Iowa in an Internet-only auction between now and April 28.
“This is one of the most eclectic sales I’ve ever seen for any kind of auction,” said Michael Mutter, who directs Iowa operations for Purple Wave Auction, which is selling the items. “This is giving the state, as well as local and county governments, a way to liquidate surplus items economically. While the bidding is conducted online, people can actually come and view the items, kick the tires and decide what they are willing to pay. Then they can go home and bid online,” said Mutter.
The items being sold by the state are available for inspection in several Des Moines locations. Equipment being sold by Monona County under the state’s contract with Purple Wave is available for inspection at 708 20th Street in Onawa.
As of April 14, the inventory included eight cars, 32 computers, three tractors, and an assortment of other equipment ranging from snow plows to bush hogs. “Some of these items actually tell part of the area’s history. There’s even a 1946 John Deere tractor that has been part of the county’s fleet all this time,” Mutter said.
“Until recently, the choices for dealing with surplus equipment were fairly limited. Traditional live auctions can be effective, but with our system of local inspections and online bidding, there’s no risk of an auction being affected by inclement weather or travel restrictions on a given day. That makes it possible for the bidding process to establish the fair market value for the items,” said Mutter.
Individuals interested in bidding on the items may read details on each item at The site specifies which items are at which location for inspection.
Purple Wave Auction, headquartered in Manhattan, Kan., auctions commercial real estate, land, and agricultural/industrial equipment, as well as other types of property using its combination of in-person marketing and online bidding.