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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Tradewinds Antique Cane Auction Salem April 26

Tradewinds is presenting their 32nd all-cane auction at The Salem Waterfront Hotel in historic Salem, Mass., on April 26, 2008, at 11:00 AM.

The sale will be preceded the evening before, April 25 at 6:30 PM, by a special event and private auction preview at the Salem Waterfront Hotel. It will be Tradewinds eighth pre-auction event. It will feature “The Cane Gang,” an extraordinary group of professional musicians from Maine who will entertain us with a program of music actually played on canes. The Cane Gang will make you look at canes in an entirely new light.

A 15% buyer’s premium will be added to the hammer price of each lot. A 3% discount will be subtracted from the hammer price of each lot for any buyer personally attending and purchasing at the sale. Telephone bidding and absentee bidding, either written or electronic, do not qualify for the 3% discount.

For carved ivory figural canes, highlights include: a phrenology head, three horses w/ gold, a Roman empress, a German hunting motif cane, a lady acrobat, an eagle, a terrier head, a Moor, three horses w/ silver, an ivory & wood monkeys, Shakespeare, an “L” terrier, a rats & frog, a wood & ivory monk, acrobats, a dog & boar, a fist & ball, a chain of bears, a hare, a horse, a greyhound, a pike & trout, a green frog, a man w/ hat, a fox as the hunter, an ivory & silver mastiff, an “L” tiger, an ivory & bronze lady, a mastiff, a reclining dog, Mephistopheles, tiger on stump, a man w/ curly hair, a tiger & dog, a vulture, a German student’s cane, a Noh masks, an alligator, a whale w/ squid & ship, a claw, a salamander & frog, a mice & treasure bag, a circus horse, a dog w/ chain, a bear w/ cubs, a wounded buffalo, a claw w/ tiger-eye egg, a baby elephant on ball, a man w/ bug, Robert Burns, a horse & bulldog, a chain of frogs, an ebony & ivory Madonna, a monkey on drum, a jockey & horse, a lady’s leg, Queen Victoria, a small horsehead, a skull & snake, a tau w/ monkeys, a rat, a mime, a Sunday stick, a turtles w/ snake, a stylized bird, etc.

For decorative canes, highlights include: a piqué w/ silver & enamel, a Webb cameo glass, a Saint-Cloud porcelain, a Tiffany enamel w/ diamonds, a California gold quartz, a jade ball, a shibayama, a rose quartz w/ Essex crystals, art glass w/ garnets, rose quartz ball w/ crystal, a silver w/ turquoise enamel, a 1792 piqué, a pistol grip damascene, shibayama insects, an ivory & snakewood, case tortoiseshell w/ agate, ivory & silver w/ one-step Malacca, a rock crystal w/ amethyst, a ball & stem cloisonné, a tortoiseshell w/ jewels, a Japanese mixed metals, a Sèvres porcelain ball & stem, an amethyst w/ crystal, Cyril Ritchard’s ivory cane, an ivory & Malacca Salem cane, a silver niello, a piqué w/ tulips, a cloisonné tau, a Middle Eastern damascene, a silver w/ citrine, a Tiffany silver, an amethyst w/ gold overlay, Art Nouveau silver w/ vines, a silver w/ turquoise stones, an early gold & Malacca, a Chinese silver knob, a boar’s tusk, etc.

For gadget canes, highlights include: a fire screen/ sunshade cane, a 1692 piqué pomander, a pepperbox, a Remington large dog head, a sword w/ quillons, an Asprey gold & silver flask, a rosewood flute, an ivory & Malacca sword, a brass cheroot, wood cat w/ articulated mouth, a Holuska watch, a Chinese eating cane, a brass bugle, a telescope w/ pouch, 1826 stag. sword, a cigar cutter w/ match safe, a billiard cue, a Remington percussion, a beer & wine measure, a faux bamboo sword, a breech-load curio, a microscope/ telescope cane, a cloisonné watch w/ keys, a gold Swiss watch, a stag. sword w/ snake, a tortoiseshell w/ dagger, a cat automaton, a compact cane, a draftsman’s cane, an ivory knob sword, an easel, a skull automaton, an English lord’s sword, a semi-crook dagger, an enamel powder-puff, a telescope, a shoemaker’s measure, a horn crook sword, a cigar case w/ match safe, a Uke cane, a Brigg pencil w/ whistle, a Day’s percussion, etc.

For non-ivory figural canes, highlights include: a porcelain man w/ hat, a silver Art Nouveau gargoyle, a silver maiden in net, a silver Art Deco eagle, ivory & silver dog, a large silver snake, a small silver snake, a silver maiden w/ fishes, an English silver faces, an ebony & silver Black man, a vulture, a silver fish, a silver eagle head, a wood alligator, silver dancing cherubs, a silver angel, a sleeping dog, a cricket player, a stag. demon queller, a wood Black man, etc.

For nautical canes, highlights include: a ball-inchamber, a crook w/ wood inlay, white ivory w/ inlaid rays, a Turk’s-head knot & w/ bone, a white ivory fist, a mother-of-pearl inlaid nautical, white ivory polygon, an all-baleen crook, white ivory polygon w/ tortoiseshell, white ivory knob on white bone, etc.

For folk art, political, historical, & relic canes, highlights include: an Andrew Jackson gold presentation, an etched Gettysburg cane, New Jersey governor’s cane, a Constitution relic, a folk art w/ boxer, a Scottish folk art prize, an E. Smith GAR folk art, an ivory Odd Fellows, an Odd Fellows w/ silver rings, a 1904 Balmoral folk art, a St. Louis etched cane, a U.S.S. Maine relic, a Bowdoin cane, a folk art snake w/ mother-of-pearl, a steamer Pewabic relic, a folk art w/ bathers, etc.

For accessories and books, highlights include: a lift-top cane case, and the Stein book, a signed original Boothroyd book, Stock und Knauf by Coradeschi, and Cane Curiosa by Dike.

If you wish to order a fully pictured catalog, please call Tradewinds on (978) 526-4085, $40.00 U.S., $45.00 outside (MasterCard or Visa accepted).

Pictures and descriptions of canes to be offered are on line at,