Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information


The sale will be preceded the evening before, September 12th at 6:30 PM, by a special event and private auction preview at the Salem Waterfront Hotel. It will be our ninth pre-auction event. It will feature Midori Oka, Associate Curator of Japanese Art at the Salem’s Peabody/Essex Museum who will present a lecture on “Myths and Legends in Japanese Art”.

For carved ivory figural canes, highlights include: A great peacock, an outstanding ram’s head, a splendid skull & snake, a fine bear w/cubs, a great eagle w/nest & snake, a parrot with bar, a spread winged eagle, a ball & claw, an eagle w/acorns, a Chinese dragon, an architectural dome, a monster w/curled tongue, a Japanese Immortal, a full frog, a floral w/ebony snake & monkey, a greyhound, an Italian man, a god Mercury, a rat & grapes, a monkeys and grapes, a Japanese inked animals, an octopus, a long bearded man, a young maiden, a St. Bernard, a road-runner, a tiger & snake, a standing skeleton, a poet, a grapes & snake, an eagle head, a dog & boar, a claw & egg, a mouse w/concertina, a young sailor, a wolf, a hand w/skull, a spaniel, a Japanese w/shishi, a bison, a turkshead knot, a thousand faces, a horse’s hoof segmented, a boxing glove, a Long John Silver, a snake & blackman, an elephant w/mahout, a parrot w/hat, an “L” w/putti, a bull terrier, a jester, a sitting frog, a Robert Burns, and a man w/hand on head.

For decorative canes, highlights include: A fabulous silver with gold quartz, a fine 1694 English pique, a lovely Japanese silver floral w/enamel, an unusual 1697 English pique, a great Delft tau, a fine gold vintner’s cane, a niello sil. crook, an “L” damascene, a great gold & rubies, a painted porc. young Queen Victoria, a silver & snakewood, an ivory shibayama w/insects, a bloodstone & silver, a frosted rock cry7stal, a goldstone ball, an amethyst w/rings, a rock crystal w/gold lattice, a Japanese enamel, a Russian enamel tau, an enamel w/rose quartz, an ivory w/sil. overlay, a sil. w/tortoiseshell veneer, a short “L” cloisonné, a straight damascene, a sil.& gold w/mop & turquoise, a pale blue enamel, a Wedgwood & silver, an early iv. & malacca, an iv.Art Deco crook, a sil. Art Nouveau floral, an iv. & sil. shibayama, a tortoiseshell & enamel, an opalescent glass w/silver, a purple cloisonné, a purple enamel ball & stem, a lapis ball, a sil. Art Nouveau w/leaves, a porc. ball w/courting scene, a white floral enamel, a Meissen tau w/birds, a sil. & enamel w/ivory, an etched crystal w/ jewels, an 18th C sil. & malacca, an ivory w/abalone inlay, a blue decorative enamel, a cloisonné w/dragon, and an ivory “L” handle.

For gadget canes, highlights include: A scarce and important violin, a rare Tiffany watch, a great silver Masonic folding ball, a scarce Remington small doghead curio, a Masonic ceremonial sword, an undertaker’s cane, a wood,“blocks-in-chamber, a sil. pop-up pencil, a brass cheroot curio, a sil. hand dagger curio, a telescope & compass, a baleen wrapped telescope, a whale tooth snuff, an iv. bulldog w/artic. mouth, a tripod, a wood airedale w/artic. mouth, an iv. fist w/stanhope, a sil. watch w/monkey, a sil. w/coral & turquoise snuff, a cased tramp art w/ball-in-chamber, a watch w/magnifier, a wood balls-in-chamber, a wood greyhound w/artic. mouth, an iv.1828 sword cane curio, a pill box w/amethyst top, a Danish gun cane curio, a cigarette lighter, a whip gadget, an iv. monkey w?artic. tongue, a wood mastiff automaton, a sil. & ivory snake w/artic. tongue, a flick stick curio, a Toledo sword curio, a siren gadget, and a bugle cane.

For non-ivory figural canes, highlights include: A wonderful Tiffany sil. Nast eagle, a great porcelain man w/long hat, a classic Art Deco sil. elephant a lovely malachite pug w/diamonds, a fine Russian sil. angel, a gutta percha ball & claw, a silvered bronze semi-nude, a Tiffany sil. w/golf bag, a sil. eagle, a porc. pirate, a a sil. eagle w/iv. beak, a porc. lady w/feather, a silver & ivory lady, a porc. lady w/veil, an Art Nouveau w/smokers, an erotic sil. satyr chasing a woman, a Meissen porc. mountain pick, a wood full eagle, an ebony lamb, a sil. lady over ivory, a boxwood rats & egg, a horn hare’s head, a Nymphenburg porc. lady, a burl dog & hand, a wood full jockey, a sil. shore bird, small sil. eagle, an ebony back man, a Japanese bamboo w/ legendary figures, an ebony blackamoor, a wood Royal Guardsman, a bone snake in relief, a sil. swan’s head, a boxwood maiden, a wood alligator, and a wood greyhound.

For nautical canes, highlights include: A wonderful whale iv. knot on carved whalebone, a fine iv. spotted snake on whalebone, an unusual baleen & cording cane, a great iv. sea monster on whalebone, a scarce narwhal w/wood cap, a whale iv. fist on palmwood, a whale iv. twin snakes, a baleen fully wrapped telescope, a whale iv. & whalebone w/baleen dots, a whale iv. knob on twisted whalebone, a whale ivory sperm whale, a whale iv. fist w/mop inlay, a whale iv. crook on whalebone, an iv. w/loose ring on whalebone, an ebony knob on whalebone, a whale iv. lady’s leg on whalebone, an iv. looped snake on whalebone, a whale iv. turned knob w/mop, and a whale iv fist w/wood separators.

For folk art, political, historical, & relic canes highlights include: A great Antietam reconciliation cane, an important Benjamin Perry 1774 cane, an early Constitution relic w/ivory knob, a superb carved Little Round Top signed cane, a Mark Twain Homestead cane, a wood & silver Knights Templar, a gold Gen. Curtis MOH winner, a carved wood Kaiser Wilhelm, a cedar1915 Bermuda POW, a gold Cuban dungeon door relic, an 1855 Fort Duquesne relic, a Robert Burns ivory, and a Devil’s Den w/pyrography.

For books, highlights are: A La Canne Objet D’Art, as well as Cane Curiosa, both by Dike.

A 15% Buyers premium will be added to the hammer price of each lot. A 3% discount will be subtracted from the hammer price of each lot for any buyer personally attending and purchasing at the sale. Telephone bidding, absentee bidding, either written or electronic, do not qualify for the 3% discount.

Make sure you make plans for your accommodations early because Greater Salem is a popular location.

Places to stay:
The Salem Waterfront Hotel 888 337-2536 (mention the Tradewinds Auction for a discounted rate.)
The Hawthorne Hotel in Salem 800 729-7829
The Marriott in Peabody 877 901-2083
Courtyard by Marriott in Danvers 888 686-5064

(Addtionally, Salem is only 30 minutes drive from Boston and 20 minutes by train)

With warmest regards,

Henry A. Taron & Christopher H. Taron

If you wish to order a fully pictured catalog, please call us at (978) 526-4085, $40.00 U.S., $45.00 outside. (MasterCard or Visa accepted).

(Pictures and descriptions of canes to be offered will be online shortly)