Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Auctionblip Enters International Auction Market

NEW YORK – Auctionblip, an international network delivering personalized auction information on a limitless variety of collectibles, today announced that it has added three premier auction house partners to its network of auction houses, bringing the total number to over 65 worldwide. Wallis & Wallis Auctions and Vectis, both in the UK, along with Wickman’s Fine Wine Auction in Australia have officially joined the extensive database of auction houses available on Auctionblip.

This announcement gives collectors exclusive access to all collectibles available at these and many other of the top auction houses across the world, no matter what type of item they are searching for. By working with these auction houses, Auctionblip provides an easy-to-use online resource for collectors. The service automatically alerts its users by email when their selected items become available at auction.

“The addition of these terrific international partners allows us to breakdown geographical boundaries and provide collectors with the most comprehensive amount of information available, regardless of their location,” said David Epstein, CEO of Auctionblip and lifelong collector. “Collectors recognize the importance of having a depth of resources available during their searches and our users now have access to auction house catalogues from around the world. The benefit of such a service increases the chances of finding a particular piece exponentially and we’re looking forward to continuing our expansion across the world to better serve our customers.”

Wallis & Wallis, founded in 1928, specializes in military, arms, armory, toy and special connoisseur auctions. Vectis meanwhile is a well respected auction house that deals primarily with toy collections. The third addition, Wickman’s Fine Wine Auction, is based in Australia and conducts wine auctions for international collectors of rare and fine wines. Each of these will be added to the current network of top auction houses in the United States which offer a variety of items within each collectible industry, including such areas from art to antiques to automobiles and sports memorabilia.

“We see tremendous value in partnering with Auctionblip and feel that it will lend us significant exposure to customers across the Atlantic, and around the world,” said Glenn Butler from Wallis & Wallis. “As more information becomes available online, the auction market is continuing to expand and become more global. Auctionblip has tapped into this growth and we will be looking to take advantage of this new market by offering our users a better chance of finding their items at auction.”

After paying a monthly fee of $5.99, a user simply registers his/her email address at the Auctionblip Web site, enters their top ten “must have” wish list of collectibles of all type, and receives detailed notification from the Auctionblip team once the items are found. This informative email includes the name of the auction house with the auction date, lot number, pictures and description of the item, and the link to the auction Web site.

Other partners in the Auctionblip network include Mastro Auctions, GoAntiques, Heritage Auction Galleries, and Stack’s.

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Auctionblip is an international auction network delivering personalized auction information on a limitless variety of collectibles from elite auction houses to collectors. By signing up with Auctionblip, collectors are given a complete resource that greatly increases their odds of finding a specific item. Auctionblip technology operates with one of the most comprehensive online databases available, containing catalogues from auction houses across the world. For more information and to access the Auctionblip network, please visit: .