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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Cheffins Record Machinery Auction

“With a near bursting entry of over 2700 lots including 570 plus tractors, an excellent attendance and the all important exchange rate for the Euro in our favour, we certainly hoped our April sale would be a top sale and top it was”, reports Bill King of Cheffins. “The saying is that records are supposed to be broken and the previous record sale total at the Cambridge Machinery Sales was not only broken but comprehensively smashed, what a day!”

Firstly, tractors. Nearly 70% of the tractors were sold and trade was generally on fire, fuelled by mainland European buyers bidding competitively, especially for the bigger horse power and more expensive models.

What a difference a few months makes. The tail end of last year was dire for John Deeres and I distinctly remember a feeling of foreboding when offering the “green” line up and selling precious few. Monday couldn’t have been more different! Feverish bidding resulted in many reserves being comprehensively exceeded and just about every JD, apart from the saddest examples, sold to mainly German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish or Dutch buyers. As previously mentioned, horse power was in demand and all the bigger models drew plenty of bidding and we really could do with a yard full to satisfy demand. Prices such as £17,700 for a JD 7700 and almost £13,000 for a 17 year old JD 4755 are not bad and we’re getting telephone calls now asking what big HP examples are in the May sale!

Clean New Hollands sold well too, although perhaps the Irish trade, which normally buys such marques, was slightly quieter than expected. The handful of late model Massey’s all made the money and all going over the Irish Sea. A few Greek buyers, who haven’t been to the sale for more than three years, returned and made the trade for Deutz, Renault and Fiat examples, which can be hard going. Hopefully, we’ll see them back next month.

Zetors sold exceptionally well, as always, right from the pristine 7441 Proxima which made over £15000 (not far off the new price) to the lowliest of Crystals at around £1000.

Trade for the older tractors, namely MF 100, 200, 500 series etc, was strong and just about every 165, 188 etc sold – heading either to the Middle East or Africa. The only real disappointment in this section was the 600 series which were comparatively hard going with a general lack of Cypriot buyers.

Entries for the next sale on Monday 19th May close on the 2nd May and we have some enormous gaps to fill! We certainly appreciate that agricultural machinery is not in abundance out there but with your help, the record breaking sale in April could be repeated in May, which traditionally is our strongest month. A full catalogue attracts buyers and also allows us to place eye-catching advertisements which shouts to the world that the UK is the place to buy second hand kit!

Lastly, we have a Bristol Sale on Wednesday 30th April and yes, all entries are still welcome. Although smaller than Cambridge it’s a great sale at a superb, mud free sale site and location, and does attract a good international attendance, all of which some other South Western auctions struggle to compete with!