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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

DOTmed Auctions Now in 6 Popular Languages

With fast-approaching 100,000 registered users worldwide, and getting more than 12,000 unique visitors a day from across the globe, we felt it definitely was time to start offering key areas of our website in multiple languages.

And the place we’ve started offering translations is with DOTmed Auctions.

Go to any Auction, and near the top of the page you will see six little flags representing French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. Click on a flag of your choice, and the whole page will automatically be translated into that language.

A special note about translations: No two people ever translate a piece of text exactly the same way. The translations DOTmed provides are done by a software program from WorldLingo, so if your native tongue is one of the 6 available, you will probably find that the translations are not perfect. But if your English is not perfect either, then a machine translation is better than none at all, and should really help you understand what is being auctioned.

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