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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information Now Serves Dealers In Three Languages

BIRMINGHAM, AL – AutoTec, the developer of AuctionACCESS, announced today the launch of a tri-lingual The website, including the myACCESS online account management tool, is now available in English, French, and Spanish.

“We’re seeing more and more dealers using myACCESS to manage their dealer information,” says Chuck Redden, president of AutoTec.” We felt that if your primary language is French, you should be able to manage your membership in French.”

Creating a multi-lingual website involved more than merely translating the existing English text. “Support for internationalization (i18n) was added to AutoTec’s public websites with components from the widely used Apache Struts framework,” says Josh Hensley, software engineer and user interface architect for “This lets visitors perform real-time switching between languages with a single click of the mouse. It also makes it easier for us to support new languages in the future by simply plugging in new resource files. We don’t have to maintain a separate copy of the website for each language.”

One subtlety directly related to translation, was using Canadian French instead of European French, to better meet the needs of French-speaking dealers in Canada.

As the AuctionACCESS renewal deadline of July 31 draws near, many dealerships have taken advantage of the renewal process to review and update their information. More than half of the AuctionACCESS dealership renewals have had changes, including updating license information and deleting representatives no longer associated with the dealership.

Having regularly updated information about authorized representatives and dealer licenses is the first step in preventing fraud and blocking curbstoners, two important AuctionACCESS initiatives.

“We have been very happy with the high level of activity we’re seeing on myACCESS,” Redden says. “Now that we’ve taken steps to overcome a language barrier, it’s even easier for international dealers to use AuctionACCESS to do business all over the world.”

AuctionACCESS was developed ten years ago by AutoTec, LLC, a privately held company based in Birmingham, AL. AutoTec provides e-business solutions to the automotive remarketing industry. AuctionACCESS is the industry standard for managing access to wholesale auto auctions. It is currently used by more than 180 wholesale auto auctions across North America, with further expansion into 70 countries around the world. Visit for details.