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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Julia’s Spring Glass and Lamp Auction June 19-20

Fairfield, Maine – The colors and beauty of spring cannot compare to those of Maine in June, unless you’re talking about Julia’s upcoming glass and lamp auction. Rivaling nature’s splendor is the superb array of goods gathered from America’s countryside by department head Dudley Browne. This offering of rare glass and lamps is the auction firm’s most ambitious glass and lamp sale to date with a tremendously diverse sale of over 1,200 lots with a potential gross of $3-4 Million. Bursting with the finest quality, fresh-to-the-market goods, the sale will offer a dazzling selection of Tiffany glass, French Cameo, superb lamps, art glass, and accessories for the discriminating collector.

The centerpiece to the auction is a phenomenal Tiffany Studios lily leaded window. Unquestionably the finest example ever offered at Julia’s, it is comprised of up to three layers of glass creating depth and realism one would not expect from a leaded window. A magnificent flower-draped pillar and large lilies in the foreground frame a background scene of a mountain, lake, and waterfall, all housed in an oak lighted shadowbox. Truly a most captivating work of art, it carries a pre-auction estimate of $85,000/100,000.

The upcoming auction also boasts one of the largest selections of lamps to hit the market in recent memory. Included will be over 100 examples by Tiffany, Handel, Pairpoint, Duffner & Kimberly, Loetz, and more. There is always heavy competition for these exquisite pieces making for a fun and exciting auction. Among the selection, a stellar stand-out is a fabulous Tiffany Studios nasturtium table lamp. With provenance to renowned Tiffany dealer Lillian Nassau, this outstanding example features lovely red, yellow, and cream colored flowers creating an illusion of layers upon a background of broad nasturtium leaves with occasional panels of brilliant blue peeking from underneath. The shade rests atop a simple bronze trumpet base and is expected to sell for $85,000/100,000. Another great leaded example is a Tiffany red poppy table lamp.

Depicting numerous poppies in various stages of bloom against a variegated green background of leaves and geometric panels, it comes to the block with a $110,000/130,000 estimate. And a gorgeous Tiffany lamp with seven overlapping down turned dragonflies in various shades of green with red jeweled cabochon eyes form the border above a band of caramel geometric panels. Resting on an ornate Library base on four padded feet, the lamp carries an estimate of $100,000/125,000.

In addition to Tiffany, the mass of lighting includes a rare Duffner & Kimberly Viking table lamp. So named because of the bronze bands separating the six panels terminate in griffins’ heads, which are reminiscent of figureheads traditionally found on Viking’s ships. The intricate leaded panels are comprised of interlocking geometric designs in dramatic colors below layers of green scales. This rests on its original base depicting a trio of griffins extending to a foundation of talons. One of Duffner & Kimberly’s most famous lamps, it is expected to bring $60,000/80,000. Another gorgeous example by this company is a leaded thistle table lamp with a broad bell shaped shade in a variety of blues, greens, and purples finished with an irregular border. Resting on an exceptional highly Art Nouveau styled base with matching thistle theme, the lamp carries a presale estimate of $15,000/20,000.

Other fine leaded lamps include a massive Wilkinson example with allover rose decoration with striated pink, mauve, and rouge blossoms against a light green geometric background. The shade rests on an equally massive decorated base and is expected to sell for $12,000/15,000.

Numerous examples of Handel add to the selection including a marvelous reverse painted floral and butterfly table lamp known simply as “6688”. What makes this piece outstanding is the fact that the multihued floral decoration goes nearly to the top of the lobed shade where typically there is only a band of blossoms comprising the lower half. The shade is accented by a few delicate butterflies, making for a stunning lamp. It comes to the block with a $12,000/15,000 estimate. Also worth noting is a Handel reverse painted lamp depicting two exotic birds in vivid primary colors preening themselves on a lush tropical foliage background. This lamp is expected to sell for $15,000/20,000.

The auction also contains numerous Pairpoint puffy lamps including a wonderful azalea lamp and a miniature rose bonnet lamp. The former is reverse painted with red, pink, and white flowers on its original brass finished Pairpoint base and the latter with a brightly colored butterfly hovering over multihued mauve roses. They are expected to bloom at $14,000/16,000 and $9,000/12,000 respectively.

Other highlights to the sale include fine Tiffany glass, beautiful art glass and vases, French Cameo, and of course a selection of the ever popular Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre for which Julia’s has in several recent auctions achieved some phenomenal prices. As a result of their success with this brilliant and unbelievably detailed pottery, the Julia name is becoming synonymous with Fairyland Lustre and THE auction house to handle them. This magnificent and vibrant variety was the work of Daisy Makeig-Jones and there are precious few still in existence. These pieces are highly sought after, and this auction contains some spectacular examples.

Topping the list is an exceedingly rare plaque in the Torches pattern showing a white staircase illuminated by flaming torches leading to an onion dome palace in the background surrounded by serpents, birds, and her trademark fanciful creatures. This phenomenal item, actually signed by the artist (a rarity in itself), comes with a $35,000/40,000 estimate. An exceptional covered malfrey pot decorated in the Candlemas pattern shows six panels portraying illuminated candles with human heads in profile, separated by vertical bands fraught with black fairies. The domed lid features a golden spider among a midnight background surrounded by a variety of flowers. This piece is expected to sell for $30,000/40,000. And a covered vase in the Lahore pattern features a parade of elephants and giraffes being led by their handlers behind decorative pillars. It carries a $10,000/15,000 estimate.

Fine Tiffany glass includes several rare and graceful flower forms and Jack in the Pulpit vases. Flower form vases include a rare example with a long green stem terminating in a pulled feather bowl with a wide flat rim. It carries an estimate of $10,000/15,000. Delicate Jack in the Pulpit vases include a wonderful rich gold iridescent version with a long slender stem leading to a broad flower with stretched peak top is expected to sell for $5,000/7,000.

Other fine Tiffany includes an unbelievable selection of bronze desk accessories in a variety of patterns such as the rare and desirable Art Deco pattern (in both blue and red enamel). Included is a set of over 20 pieces (each offered separately) including an extremely rare damascene desk lamp (est. $12,000/15,000) and also Byzantine, 9th Century, and Pine Needle patterns. Included will be various clocks, scales, bookends, boxes, frames, and more.

A Tiffany copper and bronze tea service featuring hand hammered copper tea and coffee pots and accessories with bronze mounts and wooden handles with its original copper tray is expected to bring $30,000/40,000. But it is an unbelievable Tiffany Studios mosaic centerpiece that will be the envy of all your dinner guests. Comprised of a 24” cast bronze base in the form of overlapping leaves spreading from the center, inset with gold favrile mosaic diamonds, and finished with a tall gold iridescent ribbed center vase and six gold favrile salts. It is elegance and style at its finest, carrying a pre-auction estimate of $50,000/70,000.

The auction continues with a vast array of rare French cameo glass that includes works by several of the world’s most recognized and sought after names. Early Lalique, distinguished by the signature “R. Lalique” indicating these were done during Rene’s lifetime include an outstanding Perruches vase. With deeply impressed allover decoration of parakeets on flowering branches, the rich blue glass finished with a white patination makes for an extraordinary piece. It carries a $22,000/24,000 estimate. This is followed by an equally impressive R. Lalique acanthus vase with branch and leaf decoration that is expected to sell for $15,000/18,000.

The offering of French Cameo also contains some exceptional pieces by Daum, Galle, and Burgun & Schverer. A magnificent Daum Nancy spring scene vase in beautiful form, decorated with various trees along a river is highlighted by an internal yellow band that produces a warm sunny effect. It carries a presale estimate of $12,000/18,000. A fantastic Daum vase with green cameo stems and leaves is enhanced by applied berries that create a sense of depth. Against a mottled maroon and brown background, it is quite stunning and is expected to sell for $7,500/10,000. A rare Burgun & Schverer apple blossom vase with white, yellow, and red cameo flowers on an amethyst background is most appealing and comes with a $12,000/15,000 estimate.

Galle is represented by an outstanding rich yellow mold blown vase with its shoulder decorated in purple fuchsia flowers and brown leaves that descend the length of the piece. It comes to the block estimated for $13,000/15,000. It is joined by a magnificent wheel carved vase featuring a flying grasshopper among purple and pink flowers. Its delicately carved lip is accented by an engraved French inscription about crocus covered mountains. The colors and quality are truly exceptional and worth every bit of its $8,000/12,000 estimate.

Choice art glass includes extraordinary and rare Steuben vases such as a red peacock feather vase featuring red aurene pulled feather design below a lovely creamy yellow feather body. It comes with expectations of $30,000/40,000. A gorgeous Steuben elongated vase with ruffled rim, also decorated in a peacock feather design in gold and green carries an estimate of $10,000/15,000. One of the largest Steuben Moss Agate vases James D. Julia has had the pleasure of auctioning is a beautiful shoulder vase with flared lip that is awash in swirling colors of amber, brown, and green. This stunning example is expected to change hands at $8,000/12,000. And an extremely scarce Oriental poppy scent bottle lightly iridized with opalescent ribbing is quite a find. Referenced in many Steuben books, but it is the first time Julia’s has ever sold one in their 40 years in the business. It carries a $2,500/3,500 estimate.
Quezal lovers will be delighted with a number of exquisite shades and vases. A teardrop shaped vase with platinum iridescent heart and fine decoration over a deep green iridescent background carries an estimate of $3,250/3,750. A Quezal footed vase with green hooked feathers among a stunning blue, green, and gold iridescent background is expected to bring $4,000/6,000. And an extremely fine Quezal bowl with three applied reeded swirling feet that support a flaring ruffled rim bowl is decorated in a green pulled feather design. It is highlighted with subtle iridescence and comes with a $3,000/4,000 estimate.

Worthy of note is a collection of engraved glass works by Professor Josef Drahonovsky who was considered the father of modern Czech glass. Created during the late 19th and early 20th Centuries until his death in 1938, Drahonovsky’s work has become quite popular in the European market and is gaining acclaim in the States as well. Highlights from the collection include cut overlay vases, numerous intaglio carved crystal plaques and glyptics (medallion or paperweight shaped objects d’art) portraying a variety of allegorical or pastoral scenes featuring robust nudes. These splendid items carry estimates ranging from the mid-hundreds to the several thousands.

The sale is rounded out by a collection of over 200 mini lamps and fairy lamps from a Connecticut estate including rare rainbow satin, Burmese, Nailsea, figural, and much more. Also up for bid will be an estate collection of antique paperweights (including Sandwich, Clichy, and others) and a selection of Rookwood pottery including many signed and decorated pieces.
Previews: Wednesday, June 18, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and Thursday & Friday, June 19 & 20, 8-10 a.m.

Auction commences at 10 a.m. on Thursday & Friday. Free full-color, detailed, illustrated brochures are available by contacting the Julia offices. Full-color catalogs are available for $35 by mail. For all the latest updates and for complete online version of the catalog, visit Julia’s website at The sale will be a tremendous buying opportunity for any level of collector. For more details or consignment information, contact Julia’s at (207) 453-7125, or by e-mail: [email protected]. Fax: (207) 453-2502

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