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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Everard & Company Important Photographic Equipment Auction

SAVANNAH, GA – and Everard & Company’s highly anticipated Important Photographic Equipment Auction has big shoes to fill as it kicked off June 30th and is set to close July 18th. It is the sixth photographic equipment auction Everard & Company has produced at iGavel, with results climbing higher by the auction. This particular edition is expected to be a big hit among collectors and novices alike after the success of their last photographic equipment auction, which raked in $708,000.

leica.jpgThe majority of the Leica equipment in the auction comes from an American Private Collector who acquired these items over the past 30 years. Many of the offered lots have been illustrated in James Lager’s renowned trilogy of books, Leica an Illustrated History, documenting the history of Leica Camera Equipment. Lager, along with Sherry Krauter, of Golden Touch Camera Repair, will also be acting as a special consultant for the auction.

Particularly interesting in the auction are the number of motor drives being offered, including an extremely rare Leica Prototype motor Camcraft N-5, No. 9 of the series made and sold by Norman Goldberg, predecessor to the Leitz NY motors for M cameras. Also included are both early and later style Leitz NY motors, showing the progression of the form. There are also several War Time motors to peak collector’s interest.

Other rare items include the first Summitar* lens s/n 812242, from batch 812242-812320. “Prototype Summicron lenses were issued to Leitz sales staff and selected photographers in 1952 for evaluation. They were in Summitar mounts and carried the Summitar name, but with a star after the name. Hence they are known as ‘Summitar star’ lenses. Factory records indicate that 79 were made, but because they were returned to the works for further testing or stripping down, very few survive,” said Dennis Laney, Leica Collector’s Guide. This lens could be considered the first lens of the Summicron design to be delivered.

Another highlight of the auction is Leica MP 157 chrome. The Leica MP “was a special version of the M3 with a long winding shaft for the film take-up spool and was delivered with the Leicavit rapid-wind base already fitted. The camera was not listed in general catalogues and the sale was restricted to professional photographers. The introduction in 1958 of the Leica M2, which would accept the Leicavit, brought production of the MP to an end. First Leica MP: MP1. Last allocated number MP500, but last camera recorded in the delivery register was MP402”, see Laney, p. 103. As professional photographers used these cameras and there was only a small number made, many of them took a beating and few survived making them both rare and sought after.

Everard & Company, located in Savannah, Georgia, was established in 2003 by Amanda and Chris Everard. An auction and appraisal company, they dedicate themselves to photographic equipment, fine art, and antique furniture. Amanda, a specialist in Art History, worked at Sotheby’s for 11 years as a coordinator in the Trust and Estate Department, Head of the Arcade Furniture Department and as Vice President in the English Furniture Department. For more information about Everard and Company please visit their website at http://www.everardandcompany.comThe company can also be reached at (912) 231-1376 or by e-mail at [email protected]. is a leader in online art auctions, offering collectors and dealers high quality fine art, antiques and collectibles guaranteed for authenticity and condition. iGavel auctions are modeled on the traditional live auction format, where each lot includes detailed photographic images, a professional description, and an accurate condition report.

Lark E. Mason – President of iGavel – is a frequent guest appraiser on the Antiques Roadshow, was formerly a Senior Vice President with Sotheby’s Chinese Works of Art Department, and Director of Online Auctions for

Leica IIIcK Gray with Mooly C Motor
Starting Price: $3,500 item 1084786

The First Leica Summitar* lens
Starting Price: $5,000 item 1084782

Leica IIIb with Early Motor s/n 2007
Starting Price: $1,200 | item 1084794

Leica MP 157 Chrome with 50mm f2 Summicron
Starting Price: $10,000 | item 1084818

Prototype Leica Motor Camcraft N-5, No. 9
Starting Price: $1500 | item 1084824

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