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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

ValCom Merging With America’s Auction Network

CLEARWATER, FL – ValCom, Inc. a leader in media technology, facilities and content for television programming and related services, announces a letter of Intent for the merger with AMERICA’S AUCTION NETWORK further solidifying ValCom’s growth in becoming an international media giant. In recent months, ValCom has successfully sought and secured four acquisitions that, if nothing else, grows the company towards $75-million in revenue in 2009.

America’s Auction Network is one of the world’s largest independent auction houses and one of the fastest growing shopping networks with the most diverse niche product lines from art, antiques, coins, collectibles, jewelry, gems and real estate — even meteorites from outer space. Shows and auctions are available to 40-million plus U.S. households via MOS Cable Systems, Broadcast Stations and are simulcast on the World Wide Web.

AANTV has established an ever-growing product line and revenues that currently exceed $50-million annually. The network is currently available on 24 hour web casts: Time Warner Cable, Bright House, Direct TV and Dish networks; will launch in United Europe in October, 2008 and will then extend to additional major territories including major Asian markets. This coverage will eventually give AANTV a 24-hour constant prime-time auction audience. Expansion into the European market was secured with a 24 hour channel on an APS/Astra satellite transponder 87.

“By adding AANTV, ValCom has secured another valuable asset on an ambitious plan taking us from $2-million to $100-million,” notes Vince Vellardita, CEO / President of ValCom. The company once enjoyed a market cap of $275-million and Vellardita is intent on surpassing that previous position with unprecedented growth. “Management and operations are solidly in place for our teleport, two television networks, facilities, revenue and earnings that increase share holder value.” Vellardita, a self-acclaimed survivor of “success-excess,” Wall Street rebukes and personal health challenges has rallied in all areas and is re-building his company to an even greater value than once held. “I’m back in with a passion and our entire team is steamrolling through each day paying attention to detail and with our eyes riveted on long term goals.”

“The merger with AANTV and ValCom looks like a marriage made in heaven,” says Jeremiah Hartman, Director / President of the American Auction Network. “With our 30+ years in merchandising and marketing, 22 of those years in the home shopping venue and ValCom’s extensive management of networks, media, communications, and production experience the last 25 years, we expect revenues to increase to over $250-million in the next four years.”

Based in Clearwater, FL, ValCom, Inc. is a diversified, fully integrated, independent entertainment company that has been in operation since 1983. ValCom, Inc., through its operating divisions and subsidiaries, creates and operates full service facilities that accommodate film, television and commercial productions with its four divisions comprised of studio and rental, television and film, broadcasting, and live theatre. ValCom’s client list consists of all of the majors such as MGM, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, Disney, CBS, Sony, NBC, Phantom of the Opera, HSN, and more. Visit: